Baksa and Soo <3

Spoiler Free (I think)

I felt that I should make a separate post specially for the bromance between Jung Shi Hyun/ Doctor’s Son (Jung Kyung Ho) and Kim Hyun Soo (Yoon Hyun Min).

To make it easier for me to type, I’m going to call Shi Hyun, Baksa (doctor in Korean) and Kim Hyun Soo, Soo. Yaay.

I realize that I didn’t mention Soo at all in my previous post about my love for Cruel City (even though he’s a big part of the love! How could I!?). So basically, he’s in the drug ring and is known as Baksa’s right hand man. (I guess you could call him a ‘bad guy’ but have you seen him in a suit!? Dayuuuum.)

One of the things I’m really enjoying about Cruel City is the friendship between Baksa and Sooie. I feel the deep bro love between them and I really like where it’s heading so KEEP IT UP WRITER-NIM! Like, I really don’t mind how there hasn’t been much romance so far (oops is that considered a spoiler? ._. ) because the bromance between Baksa and Soo is AWESOME. (WHO NEEDS ROMANCE ANYWAY? IT’S MUCH TOO OVERRATED.)

I like how they’re always covering and protecting each other and getting one another out of sticky situations and just askldjaslkdja. No words to describe the bond.

Look at how worried he is! D:

If something happens to the friendship between the two, I will be so very sad (even though I feel like something bad will happen!?!? Nuuuuuu…)

But for now, let’s just bask in the beauty of the two (in their suits).

Top also wore the same shirt as Soo for his birthday! 20121104_top-460x461

I really like this gif O: WALK THAT WALK!


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