Thoughts on Cruel City so far (ep 1-9)

SPOILER FREE! (Mostly..)

Since finishing Bridal Mask last year, I’ve been looking for a drama that could follow up to it’s awesomeness and evoke the same emotions that Bridal Mask had succeeded in doing, but to be honest, the dramas that I’ve recently watched (When a Man Loves, I’m looking at you) flopped and left me disappointed.

Were my expectations growing too high!?  Was I expecting too much!?
I stayed sad and disappointed until I heard about the new drama, Cruel City.
It sounded dark, mysterious and left me intrigued. I put it on my to-watch list (so that I could wait till it finished and then watch it without having to wait painfully week by week) BUT, I came across comments over how good the main character looked in suits. I can never resist handsome guys in suits so obviously I jumped straight in.

I wasn’t left disappointed by the slightest. Not only did the guys looked snazzy in suits, but the first episode left me mind blown and I was left wanting more, more, more!

Ji Hyung Min (Lee Jae Yoon), chief officer of a special investigation unit, is set on bringing down a huge drug ring in Korea. His girlfriend/fiancé-to-be, Lee Kyung Mi (Ko Na Eun) dies undercover and believing that she was killed by the Doctor’s Son/ Jung Shi Hyun (Jung Kyung Ho) Ji Hyung Min vows to kill him.

The story is really well written – it’s gritty, cruel and isn’t afraid to delve deep into the darkness – a perfect noir drama. Set in the darker part of the city, it contains everything you would normally expect – rape, prostitution, drug dealing, suicide, gangsters, murders etc. etc. It doesn’t linger on the borderlines like dramas such as City Hunter and IRIS but plunges fearlessly into said issues.
(And I won’t even mention When a Man Loves because what the heck was that.)

I feel that the Director (Lee Jung Ho) and screenwriter (Yoo Sung Yul– this is his first project!) are an excellent pairing – the story flows well and any small imperfections are swept up into the finer things (so that you end up forgetting about it). The directing is also really well done and it’s shot somewhat like a movie. Also, it’s shot so that everyone gets as much screening as required for the story to flow efficiently, so it’s not always solely focused on the main characters. –sad face-

Lee Hyung Min with his angst face on.

My plotline doesn’t do the Doctor’s Son any justice and it makes it seem like Ji Hyung Min is the main character but NO. Just NO.  He’s far too hot-headed and angst-y and apart from being muscular , I honestly can’t think of anything good about him (but you like that type of guy, then by all means, have him. Please.)

The real deal is the Doctor’s Son and his perfect fitting suits


He’s a smoooooooth criminal and never have I loved an anti hero so much.
I feel like Jung Kyung Ho is amazing in this role. Having watched a few episodes of Smile You, I didn’t expect that he had it in him but he does and I can’t imagine anyone else doing as good of a job as him. He does such a marvelous job that I don’t think that any other project that he does later on in life will be as good as this one. It’s like he was born for this role. And when he fights, it’s so smooooooth and enchantingly beautiful to watch that he can do whatever and I will still love him. ❤

I haven’t mentioned the female protagonist Han Soo Min (Nam Gyu Ri) yet but she hasn’t really won me over. To be honest, her circle lenses just kills it for me (please take them off!!) but her acting has actually been quite natural so who knows, I might end up loving her later on.

I want to plead with the show to not mess with my emotions but that’s not really possible seeing how the story is developing – also why I’ve stopped at episode 9- patience is most probably my biggest weakness, especially when there’s such a good drama like this one airing so instead of waiting in agony over the cliffhangers and such, I’ll stop here, at a safe ending (which I am VERY content with) and wait till it ends so I can finish it all in one go.

So please show, don’t go downhill from here. I’ve invested far too much energy, emotions and love into this so please continue just the way you are because right now, it’s looking like the best drama of 2013.



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