A Book Dedicated to Our Youth《那些回不去的年少时光》

I bought my first Tong Hua book!
It’s called 那些回不去的年少时光 which translates to Time Will Never Go Back (or more exactly, The Youth That We Can’t Go Back To).
It’s actual English name though (as written on the cover) is A Book Dedicated to Our Youth so I’ll stick to that.

I’ve watched 2 Tong Hua related books this year- Best Time (最美的时光) which was adapted from Tong Hua’s book version and 金玉良缘 which Tong Hua had a hand in writing.

I had really high expectations for Best Time, mostly because the trailer looked great, I loved the theme song and WALLACE CHUNG!!!

It ended up being a big disappointment though- the plot just wasn’t GOING anywhere and the ending was so frustrating! And to think that I watched it religiously every weeknight when it aired. ):
<EDIT: Apparently they’ve released 2 more endings to this!? Gasp! >

As for Perfect Couple, it started off great, really funny, comedic
PLUS all the kisses! Accidental or not, there were so many!! It really felt like a drama written specifically for the fans! Haha. I didn’t even mind the shallowness because it was such an easy watch….Until the second half where I pretty much gaped at the speed the drama went downhill.
Ended up fast forwarding through a lot.

At least I ended up gaining two Wallace crushes!! -Thinks optimistically-

Anyhow, since I didn’t have such a good experience watching Tong Hua (except for Bu Bu Jing Xin!), perhaps I should be reading her work!
It makes sense – she’s a writer so perhaps her abilities should be read not watched!
Plus in a lot of cases, the rich story in books don’t get conveyed to film/drama very well.

So… Tadah! Here I am with my first Tonghua novel! -Brimming with excitement-

This is a 3 book series and the description I found online was:
There are always moments far in the past that remain forever engraved in our memory. The last decade of the 2000’s was chock full of unique memories – memories of The Little Tigers, The Bund, and the Four Heavenly Kings that brought us great emotions now rest with the dust-covered journals of our youth. Born in the 80’s, Tong Hua has brought together a classic youth book that reminds readers that those timeless memories of our youth are only so precious due to their brief nature. Bring those memories back once again with this memorable read; though we are gradually aging and leaving our past behind, our warm, child-like spirits will never fade!

I don’t think this is a very well known book (although according to Fromzine, this was ranked #3 in best selling fiction in China in December 2013) but reviews I found online made the book seem promising.

Because I’m super excited to be finally reading a Tong Hua book, I’ve decided to translate it to English for any non Chinese Tong Hua lovers to enjoy! Whoo! It’s also to help improve my Chinese too hehe.

I’ve started reading the first few chapters and the story seems promising. It’s also very reminiscent of the past and I feel that I can personally relate and connect with the main character. However, as I’ve only read the first chapters, I can’t promise it’ll stay as good throughout. Fingers crossed though!

I’ll be starting with Book 1 of 2:

There is a price to pay for every step in life. I have the things that I’ve wanted to have and I have lost the things I didn’t want to lose. But for everyone on earth, who isn’t like this?

Doesn’t it sound mysterious and interesting!?

I’ll be recapping one chapter every week or so starting next week (Too much going on this week ):)


I’ve finally updated my blog!!! -Throws confetti- Sorry blog, I haven’t abandoned you!


2 thoughts on “A Book Dedicated to Our Youth《那些回不去的年少时光》

  1. cloudandsea

    I remember reading this novel and fell in love with the female and male lead. They were all unique in their own way. The ending turned out quite ambiguous. Is there really another ending to it? (!!!)

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