Full Of My Love To You 《满满都是我对你的爱》

Is it too early to announce my next translation project??



I actually have two books in mind but I want to translate one cocurrently with ‘The Book Dedicated To Our Youth’ (it’ll have to wait til I come back from my semi hitaus though, but don’t worry the new translating project won’t affect my current translations for TBDDTOY) and translate the other after I’ve finished ‘The Book Dedicated To Our Youth’. I haven’t decided which one I’ll translate first but I’ll introduce this book to you today and the other one some time later so you guys can help me decide!

Nonetheless, I’m super excited about this one because it is a light, comedic story that will fill you up with warmth and happiness ❤ Plus it has a happy ending!!

The English name on the cover is actually ‘All in Love’ but the literal Chinese name is ‘Full Of My Love To You’ so I’ll use be using this title since it sounds nicer.

Plot Summary:
Young master Shao is three parts OCD, three parts shameless and four parts cheap but in front of outsiders, he is always distant and carefree, he stood aloof from the world. In his proud and aloofness is indifference, in his indifference is detachment and in his detachment is elegance. 

It’s just that after he returned home, he would enter into his ‘high’ mode–

“Shower, shower, shower. Qing Xi, do you want to come and ravage me ah?”

Qing Xi always thought, can this person be any more vuglar*? 

Or else it was– “Wife, hurry up and cook for me, it’s a legal requirement ah!”

“Woman, let’s watch a movie tonight, it’s a legal requirement oh!”

“Qing Xi, that, let’s eat! It’s a marriage legal legal legal requirement oh!”

Every time, ‘student’ Qing Xi could not restrain from an urge to illegally dispose of him.

What is happiness, happiness is 13 years ago, every time primary school ended, there would be a boy running in front of you to walk in a ‘S’ shape. 13 years later, it is still this same man that holds you in his arms, vulgarly telling you, “my youth was consumed by you, you must, must take responsibility for me ah!”
*[贱- lowly, in this context, someone who acts in a dirty manner.]

It is written by Gu Xi Jue and a little excerpt from her review on it:
“In ‘Full of My Love to You’, I wrote about the three most important relationships on earth; family is heaven’s biggest fate, friendship is the period of time together that you want to go back to, love, is a contract for a lifetime. I recorded these three feelings and accomplished ‘full’, also completing myself. I have to say that ‘full’ is the happiest, most relaxing book I’ve written. ”

—Gu Xi Jie

What do you guys think of it? 😀


10 thoughts on “Full Of My Love To You 《满满都是我对你的爱》

    1. Tofubyu Post author

      Thank you!!!
      I also enjoy your translations ^^I hope after Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort, you’ll have the time to do another ancient novel! 😀 I really enjoy them but it’s hard for me to understand the context D: so I’m sure lots of people also appreciate it hehe ❤

      1. sutekii

        I was actually thinking of picking up at modern novel to have balance, or else I think my motivation and stamina will just decrease lol

  1. Harley

    Oh oh oh! Sounds fun!!!! I’m really addicted to Chinese translated novels, so any new books will be much much much welcomed by me! Sounds exciting, I really love modern novels ^^ I cannot wait and thank you very much!

    1. Tofubyu Post author

      Hehehe, I read a few chapters and this book is quite funny but also a bit dirty 😉 Hope you don’t get too impatient waiting! 😀

      1. Harley

        Hehehehe, I’m enjoying all sorts of novel genre right now (excepting BL =____=) so ‘a bit dirty’ is okay tbh. No worries, I’m willing to wait. I understand that you have a real life to live ^^ That said, good luck and yup, I’ll be super excitedly wait behind my laptop screen hehehe!

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