Full of My Love To You Chapter 1

*I’ve marked all the English words they use in italics.

Chapter 1: I Oppose Your Marriage

When I went to England this time, I brought Xiao Di back with me.

Xiao Di had stayed in England for eight years, he went when he was ten so he didn’t get to properly maintain the broad and profound character Chinese people had before it was contaminated.

Today at noon, when I was watering the flowers, I heard him phone his friends and faintly heard the words “son of a bitch“. I frowned and grabbed the cushion on the sofa and threw it over.

Xiao Di glared at me, shocked. The person on the call was probably asking him what had happened, “my dear sister…” he replied, feeling wronged. He thought for quite a while, “She hit me!” I almost had a stitch from laughing.

In the afternoon, Xu Wei Yu phoned asking whether I was free. I said that I had to stay with Xiao Di. “How old is Xiao Di?” Wei Yu asked deliberately, already knowing the answer.

“Eighteen”, I said.

“He’s of age, don’t worry, nothing will happen.” Wei Yu replied.

Xiao Di was on the side watching me call. Only when I hung up did he drag out the words, “I’m against your marriage!”

I remember during Spring Festival last year, I went to the airport to pick up Xiao Di and waited half an hour before I saw him. He was wearing a hoodie, had on a pair of sunglasses and pulling his suitcase, he very zhuangbility* walked out from the entrance. Seeing that he was going to smooth his hair from the wind, I pressed on the horn. Xiao Di saw my car and ran over wretchedly, “sister, you’re here!”

*[Zhuangbility- means the person is very zhuang bi–trying to act cool]

I said, “You’re so young, why are you wearing sunglasses? Why are you wearing two rings on one hand? Your hair is so long it’s covering your eyes, so ugly!”

Xiao Di became dejected from my words and the boyfriend who was sitting in the passenger seat lowered his head and attempted to resist laughing.

After getting on the car, Xiao Bo didn’t dare retort back at me. He could only fake confidence to mock Young Master Shao and take it out on him, “What right do you have to laugh at me? Be careful or else I won’t let my sister marry you!”

Wei Yu gave a “ha” sound, this was a topic he was particularly bothered about. I worriedly glanced at him. However, he said, “Then I won’t be able to marry your sister.”



This time, I went over to Xiao Di’s place to travel around and played for a week so at night when Xu Wei Yu came to pick me up, after dinner, he asked me in the car, “my heart, when we…….sex?” Wei Yu lived in Germany for 6 years, his German was average but his English was good.

I gently replied, “You were in Germany for so many years, how come you didn’t learn the slightest of their good points?”

Wei Yu replied hurt, “what good points?”

“Strictness, rigorousness and self discipline.”


When I think about it, I’ve known Wei Yu since young, he wasn’t a very talkative person and after going to Germany, he was even more…untalkative. However, towards me, he was constantly pervy.

I remember once, seeing me in a very good mood, he bravely asked, “Dear Xiao Xi, you know, I’ve had a crush on you since primary.”

I was surprised, “Your feelings developed so early.”

Xu Wei Yu was very hurt, he probably thought that it didn’t matter if he was hurt once or twice, he was still hurt, so he continued, “When exactly did you start paying attention to me ah? Tell!”

I pondered hard over it, “It started from after school in primary, when you ran in front of me and walked in a ‘S’ shape.”



Speaking of primary, one time when I went back to my old school, on the Indus Tree that I used to often lean against with friends to chat, I saw the two words carved with a small knife —

Gu Qing Xi

Xu Wei Yu

It would be a lie to say that I wasn’t touched because… how romantic.

It’s just that the Indus trees belong to the city and is allegedly under protection.  Young Master Shao, next time you write names, can you please write my name underneath yours ah, I don’t feel secure.


But compared to me, Xu Wei Yu lacked a sense of security even more. When he goes out, he’d always repeatedly ask me, “Qing Xi, did I bring the keys? Qing Xi, call my phone, I have to check if my phone is on me?”

Every time, I would be sleeping soundly to be waken up by him. I would take my cellphone that he hands over and reluctantly dial his number then watch as he take out his phone from his pocket while walking out, saying, “Ah, you’ve begun to miss me already so early in the morning.”

Looks like he’s not lacking a sense of security…but lacking a spanking?


Young master Shao was a little bit OCD, a little bit shameless and a little bit cheap but in front of outsiders, he is always distant and carefree, he stood aloof from the world. In his proud and aloofness is indifference, in his indifference is detachment and in his detachment is elegance.

It’s just that after he returned home, he would enter into his ‘high’ mode–

“Shower, shower, shower. Qing Xi, do you want to come and ravage me ah?”

I’d always think, can this person be any more vuglar*?
*[贱- lowly, in this context, someone who acts in a dirty manner.]


However, every time my impression of him dropped down to the bottom, he would jump back up again to touch you. I remember once when he was in Germany, he phoned me. In the phone, he said, “Qing Xi, I want to come back.” Then he used German to repeatedly say, “I miss you.”

I said, “I don’t understand.”

He laughed, “I know.”

He is dramatic and pretentious but every time I remember it, it’s also a little sad.


Once, I took the initiative to say to Xu Wei Yu, “I think that the two of us are actually quite a good match, you like buying books, I like reading books, you like singing, I like listening, you like looking at flowers, I like growing flowers, if you’re willing to marry me, I’m willing to get married, we’re an inborn pair. ”

Xu Wei Yu looked at me and replied, “then why did you defy heaven in the past.” *
*[Because she said they were fated to be (inborn pair) so he is asking why she took long hehe)


So, we finally went with fate and prepared for our wedding.




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