Full Of My Love To You Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Remember that we were young then.


In high school, Wei Yu was a very frail scholar, his grades were very good and he was the legendary top student. It’s just that he suffered from being average in athletics and couldn’t develop in all aspects. However, he always ‘liked’ to play sports with large, muscular friends.

A mate asked, “Wei Yu, you don’t like playing basketball, every time you play, you’re out of breath, why suffer? Why bother? Forget it, just go play the violin, brother I won’t laugh at you.”

It’s said that Young Master Shao coldly snorted, “Doesn’t that fellow Gu Qing Xi like athletic men?”


Later on in second year of high school, we were divided between the arts and science stream. Before the stream selection, I received a letter that wrote: do science do science do science!

I personally thought it was a cursed letter.

Thus, not buying it, I chose arts.

Just like this, in the science and arts streams, I parted ways with Wei Yu.

But we continued to maintain a pure boy girl relationship.

In second year of high school, one time my bicycle broke so Wei Yu took me home. That day, I was going back to my family and the way was pretty far.

In the November weather, Wei Yu cycled the way there. The hair on the back of his neck was dripping was sweat and I felt bad. But at that time, in that generation, our minds were so pure. Wei Yu and I were proper boy girl classmates, letting him take me home was already overstepping the boundaries. I felt bad the entire way and I also worried the entire way, what should I say if I see someone I knew along the way?

In the end, indeed halfway along, I met a neighbor working in the rapeseed fields. She saw me from far away and shouted, “Qing Xi ah, school ended la!”

At the time, I was repeatedly reciting inside, “We are just friends, we are just friends…”

So when I heard someone greet me, I immediately shouted back, “Auntie, I am just girl boy classmates with him, my bike broke, he’s sending me home.” Then, I thought I was very clever in changing the subject, “Auntie, you’re planting rape seeds ah.”
*[Not sure if the other name for rape seeds is canola seeds??]

The auntie very eloquently said “Oh”, I don’t know if the “oh” was for planting rape seeds or if the “oh” was for us being classmates.

Then, after riding for a bit, the person in front said, “She was only asking have you finished school? Why did you say so much…’useless’ things?” Thinking about it, the ‘useless’ things became very meaningful now.

“……” That was my first time blushing.

Wei Yu then laughed and muttered, “Planting rape seeds? You are so rape seed (talented).” *[油菜 rape seeds (you cai) sound like 有才 talented (you cai) so zhong you cai sounds like zhen you cai]


Sometimes I feel like Wei Yu speaks very directly, sometimes I feel like he speaks too subtly.

I have an email account that I registered for a very, very long time ago, so long ago that it was probably during high school.

Later, after we graduated from high school I stopped using it and gradually forgot about it. Many years later, I needed an email to register for something and the two email addresses I usually use have already been registered. I thought for a long time before remembering the old email address.

When I logged in, I saw that there were close to a hundred unread emails in that account, all from overseas. Xu Wei Yu had actually never asked about it, nor mentioned it before.

I spent nearly a day’s time reading the close to a hundred emails and then saved each one.

This person is so surprising* that he’s definitely reached the boundaries.
*[闷骚 men sao- someone who seems cold/dull/normal on the outside but is actually volatile/crazy on the inside.]


Now, when I think back to the most fresh years of the past, although they were short, they were exceptionally touching.


I remember we were young then, you loved chatting and I loved laughing. Once, we sat side by side under the peach tree, the wind was whistling, the birds were chirping and we somehow feel asleep.

I remember we were young then, we didn’t understand feelings or love. We just walked around the Indus tree. The rustling sounds of rain falling on the treetop make us stupidly laugh at each other.

I remember we were young then, we didn’t know about parting or gathering. There is a type of distance called far beyond reach, the wind where you’re at can’t reach me, we only know that in a year, Spring passes and Autumn comes again.



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      No problem! The chapters are much shorter than A Book Dedicated To Our Youth so I’ve been able to translate a bit faster! However there’s quite a bit of slang that I trip up on so sadly I’m still not able to translate as fast as I had hoped haha.


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