Full Of My Love To You Chapter 4

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I am very thankful to all of you who are following and enjoying the novels along with me. I am also grateful to those who are cheering me on with your encouraging comments! I was nervous at first because I didn’t think that my translations were that great but luckily, all the comments I’ve received so far are positive ones! You guys definitely brighten up my day 😀  I’m really glad that you guys are joining me in going through the awesomeness of these novels and hopefully of many more to come!

Also a big thank you to Suteki!


Chapter 4: There are no clouds after seeing Mt. Wu*

*[Idiom- after seeing the best, nothing else can compare]

Xu Wei Yu looks very refined and honorable but in actual fact, he’s crafty and wicked.

Outside, his actions all have a calm charm to them. When he comes home, he starts to sing, “Don’t ask me where I came from? My lady is consummating why keep the young man, keep the young man to consumate, keep~ the young man~”*

*[Since he’s singing, if you listened, it might sound like “Don’t ask me where I came from? My lady is afar, why roam, roam afar, ro~am~” ‘consummate’ /have sex (圆房 yuan fang) -> ‘afar’ (远方 yuan fang) and ‘stay/keep my darling/young man/husband’ (留郎 liu lang) -> ‘roam’ (流浪 liu lang)]

One day, a good friend phoned and complained, “Say, I’m still a virgin ah, a nearly thirty year old virgin, heavens! I want to find a man who’s lost his virginity but there’s none!”

I comforted her, “We’re the same, I also haven’t lost my virginity.”

Just then, Xu Wei Yu who had just taken a shower and was walking out of the bathroom stood dazedly on the spot, then bashfully said, “I am willing.”


Once I was chatting with a friend, and when we talked about the importance of a harmonious sex life between husband and wife,  I couldn’t help but think of someone. My sympathy rose and so, I hardened my heart and text Young Master Xu: “Tonight should we…”

Xu Wei Yu replied: “Should what?”

I was quite embarrassed: “Consummate.”

The next second Xu Wei Yu directly called, his voice was very business like, there were probably coworkers in his office. He said, “I don’t have any objections, we can discuss the specifics later, I hope that you….will keep your promise.”

It turned out my period arrived early.

When Xu Wei Yu came back home, his expression turned from bright red to pale with shock to aggrieved to desolate. In the end  he said,  “Dying by being dismembered is better than this.”

Then he immediately ran to the bathroom to help me fill a hot water bottle and the kitchen to help me make brown sugar tea.

Usually, other than going to classes, I work part time, write or draw so it could be said that I’m rather busy whereas other than working, Xu Wei Yu usually texts me asking what I was doing? Where I was? Should we go eat together? Do I need to pick you up? So it can be said that he was rather boring.

I often worry that he’ll lose his job but he truly was quite good and it was me who was often changing part time jobs, because my timetables every semester were different!

Once he took my timetable and pulled my hand, shyly asking, “My darling, when will you arrange for Xu Wei Yu practice lessons ah?

I…after I calmed down, I replied, “There’s currently no plans on studying this.”

He started strongly recommending it, “As long as you take my class, I promise that you’ll pass, plus it’s free! Also,  I will personally take part throughout and teach by hand, I guarantee you’ll be satisfied!”

Sometimes I think…this legendary elegant dandy is really quite a scoundrel.

During this time, Xu Wei Yu has been quietly collecting camping equipment, a tent, sleeping bags…One day, when he had probably gathered everything, he pushed open the door of the study room and tenderly asked, “Qing Xi, when do you have vacation?”

I said, “There’s none in the short term.”

Hearing so, Xu Wei Yu dejectedly returned to his room.

That night, he hugged me and pointed at the ceiling saying, “Look, stars.”


The next day we went camping.


Recently Xu Wei Yu has been busy with work, he’s also going up north for a business trip. Everyday, he’s been dispirited and gloomy, saying, “Every time I think about going on the plane and having to be thousands of miles away from you, I feel like I’m back to that year so I don’t feel comfortable.” Then, he said, “Qing Xi, you should comfort me ah.”

I said, “Come, touch.”

Xu Wei Yu froze and his ears turned red, “You’re so dirty!”



Young Master Shu went up north and before he got on the plane, he texted me: “I’m going into customs.” On the plane, he texted: I have to switch my phone off.” Two hours later, he texted: “I’m out of customs!” One hour later he texted: “Reached the hotel.” At dinner, I received: “I am at xx hotel xx room.” At night after I watched two movies and was about to sleep, he sent: “Qing Xi, I can’t sleep, can I YY you?”*


*[YY is a large Chinese social video platform where users can talk, play, watch performances etc. in private/public virtual rooms.]

The next day when I was browsing the web, I saw on a forum, a user’s repost of the classic plot line in Qiong Yao’s novels.

When I saw it: “The first day Shu Huan left, miss him.”
“The second day Shu Huan left, miss him miss him.”
“The third day Shu Huan left, miss him miss him miss him.”

I thought it was really amusing so I sent it to Xu Wei Yu.

His reply was instant, “Look at that Shu Huan’s girlfriend then look at yourself!”

He then started to go on and on comparing, “The first day I left, I sent you a text, you replied: I’m eating, I’ll find you later. The second day I phoned you, you replied: I’m going to meet a friend, I’m starting the car ah, hang up. The third day I said: I’m coming back the day after tomorrow. You replied: Ah? So fast?”

His concluding sentence was “I can’t live anymore!”

The first sentence Wei Yu said to me when he came back was “There are no rivers after passing the ocean and no clouds after seeing Mt. Wu”



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  1. inno

    [In the end he said, “Dying by being dismembered is better than this.”] — bwahaha, i was laughing myself silly when i read this part. poor xu wei yu! he has waited for far too long. tofubyu, thank you always for your AWESOME translations. 🙂

    1. Tofubyu Post author

      Hahaha I think he probably ran off to help her do those things because otherwise shed kill him! And a great big thank you to you for reading along and always leaving me positive comments! I am very grateful ^^

      1. inno

        in my own humble opinion, i think the very least a translation blog reader can do is leave a thank you note to the blogger. it does not have to be by every post. once or twice would also be enough to encourage the translator. but, i also understand that there are a lot of grateful readers who are hesitant to reveal their email addresses. before i used to feel like that bec. i was always concerned with keeping my email add sort of private. while there are also many who are simply shy and/or just happy to remain being silent readers. i try not to think that a few maybe are just too lazy or busy to share their thoughts. hahaha… i would like to always think the very best of every cnovel reader. 🙂

      2. Tofubyu Post author

        Thanks for your thoughts, you do have a good point there! I wonder if typing up a random fake email address would work though o:

      3. inno

        it would work also, if people would expend the effort. i was just saying that was my personal reason before why i avoided giving comments. although later i did overcome it. i think the majority enjoys being silent readers, albeit grateful ones.

  2. Harley

    LOL! He must be really frustrated by her hahahaha! Married but not married! Missing her so badly but she’s just living her own life hahahaha!

  3. cathdeary

    Ahhhh, cant hekp feeling so bad for him, he’s so romantic while she’s… well, thanks for the translation. ∩__∩

  4. Lily

    He’s not your typical alpha male lead, but I like the boy next door type. It’s so sweet that he is so persistent and supportive of her. He must have been incredibly disappointed when her friend came to visit. Tough break! Thanks for your awesome translations!

      1. flayfuldesigns

        Yah. I’m totally hooked.
        I’m especially impressed tha Xu Wei Yu is willing to wait even tho they seem to live together. Its rare and sometimes I cant help to think only men in fiction can be so unselfish. Hahaha.

      2. Tofubyu Post author

        He’s waited 10 years for her so waiting a little longer shouldn’t be that hard haha

      3. Tofubyu Post author

        Xu Wei Yu had it easier though, even when he went overseas he still phoned her and kept in touch ❤

  5. zskyfish

    I like Xu Wei Yu’s sense of humor–calling her like it is a business call–‘we will discuss the details later’–also his making her call his cellphone as he is leaving for work in the am and saying ‘you already miss me’–(in previous chapter). Yes, he waited for so long that he fills in a lot by himself. If he didn’t have sense of humor how would he survive?

  6. lalluch

    “Young Master Shu went up north and before he got on the plane, he texted me: “I’m going into customs.” On the plane, he texted: I have to switch my phone off.” Two hours later, he texted: “I’m out of customs!” One hour later he texted: “Reached the hotel.” At dinner, I received: “I am at xx hotel xx room.” At night after I watched two movies and was about to sleep, he sent: “Qing Xi, I can’t sleep, can I YY you?”*”

    lol this part here struck a chord! There used to be a guy who always texted me what he was doing in the day, like how he’s already eating breakfast, how he’s on his way to work and etc. it was annoying though :)))


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