Full Of My Love To You Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Engaged

The day we got engaged, Xu Wei Yu dressed very…handsome and refined. When he saw me, he asked how do I look, how do I look? I said very good. When he was pouring wine, he asked me again, how do I look, how do I look? I became impatient and said, very good! People around us looked over, Xu Wei Yu laughed, “It’s fine, my wife said I’m very good.”


After our engagement, Xu Wei Yu said he wanted to go touring so we signed up for a tour group.

On the bus, he leaned on my shoulder sleeping. I felt it was strange, the person who kept wanting to come and see the scenery fell asleep as soon as he came on the ‘sight seeing’ bus.

I nudged his head and asked, “What’s with your attitude?”

He laughed hehe, “That year you sat in the car at the front, I sat in the car at the back and we couldn’t meet so now, let me fulfill it.”

I was quiet for a long time then said, “This sentence has faulty wording ah.”

Wei Yu: “…..”


The temperature has been hot these past two days. Wei Yu walked around and around the house topless, wearing only pants. I stared at him and he bashfully said, “Don’t act like a gangster ah.”

I stopped looking at him and he moved around in front of me restlessly.

I finally surrendered, “What exactly do you want?”

He replied blushing, “Want.”

Only a long time later did I react back.

I deeply think that the line “gangsters aren’t scary, you only fear that they are educated” is correct.


Xu Wei Yu knew my MSN and QQ username and passwords and he often helped me log in. Towards this, my good friend said, “This kind of reliability and confidence is very rare in society nowadays.” My good friend then asked, “Have you ever logged into your boyfriend’s account?”

I said no and my friend started energetically encouraging me to log into Young Master Xu’s account! She was so enthusiastic that I didn’t want to go against her wishes so I casually agreed.

That day when I got home, when I was starting the computer, I casually asked, “Wei Yu, do you want me to help you log into MSN?”

He froze for a bit and said, “I don’t!”

I saw that his expression was weird so I thought inside, perhaps he really has something to hide? But I didn’t really mind too much at the time. Later, one day when I went into the study, the computer was open and Xu Wei Yu wasn’t there but his account was online. It didn’t really count as intentionally looking since the chat box was open on the screen.

“Young Master Shao, if you have time, come out to eat. Bring Student Xiao Gu along!”

“Master has no time, Gu Qing Xi has even less time.”

“Are you guys serving the country by reproducing or what? This busy? The main thing is us brothers want to see your wife, we haven’t met her for many years.”

“Are you very close with her, why do you want to see her?”

“Don’t be arrogant ah Comrade Xu, be careful or I’ll tell your wife to her face that you YY her everyday in the dorms at high school! Wei Yu your elegant image hahahahaha!”

“Ha,then you have to have an opportunity to see her first ah.”

“……Brother Yu, sometimes you’re really cruel.”

I…closed the window and looked at the categories on his MSN, classmates, workmates, Germany, relatives, lover. There was only one person in lover, it was my account and Xu Wei Yu named it: My love!

I thought it was truly too easy to understand.

When I was about to stand up, I was pressed down by someone behind me. At the time my heart really quickened a bit. I looked up to see Xu Wei Yu smiling at me. His eyebrows and eyes all had joy in them, he said: “You’ve finally searched my account, I am very relieved.”



In the weekend, I went to school to handle some matters, Wei Yu also came along. He didn’t like driving and always sat in the front passenger seat. Today, it was very rare that he drove and I sat next to him. I suspiciously looked at him, he happily said, “Master is happy today.”

Recently, his mantra is: Master……..

I asked him before, “Where did you learn this from?”

He replied, “Your brother that wild wolf called himself Little Master, then I am Big Master. However when I think about it Big Master is a bit weird so just Master then. Handsome right?  In line with my image right?”

I looked at the person beside me, Xu Wei Yu always had his high school temperament in front of me. I couldn’t resist touching the side of his face. He said, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” I only felt very lucky, if there wasn’t him, then my days will definitely be very desolate, study, graduate, find a secure job, then when I got to a certain age, my parents will arrange for me to go match making. Perhaps I’ll end up marrying someone who looks pleasing but who I don’t have much feelings for.

I said, “Wei Yu, you’re very handsome.”

He was greatly amused,” You only found out now ah!”

Someone who never lacks confidence in himself.




10 thoughts on “Full Of My Love To You Chapter 5

  1. inno

    when i read this novel, chapter by chapter, i just get a very warm, loving feeling, like everything is well in the world. a girl bagging a man as faithful and devoted as xu wei yu is for me like winning a jackpot in lottery!

    1. Tofubyu Post author

      I also feel warmed when I read it. I love how there’s no suspense, no angst just small happy chunks of ancedotes ❤

    1. Tofubyu Post author

      Especially since there’s lots of angst in our everyday lives so reading such a warm and mellow story like this is definitely refreshing!

  2. sutekii

    As the story developes, we get to see how sweet Xu Wei Yu is and how Gu Qing Xi isn’t as cold. I actually like the duo, it’s quite nice to read the guy going crazy over the girl instead.


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