Full Of My Love To You Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Summer Of The First Year

Some time ago, we were renovating and mother let me draw two pictures to put in the living room to save having to go and buy them which spends money and time. Thus, I had to start drawing again but the paint at home were all dry and the canvas had been thrown out when we moved so I needed to buy them again. Therefore the next day, I went to the market. Halfway, Xiao Di’s call came through, immediately asking, “Where are you?

I said I was buying things, he said, “When back?

I said, “Say Chinese properly!”

Xiao Di threw the phone, “Then when who who who says English, why don’t you say anything to him? He even speaks German! You’re biased, you’re shameless, are you able to repay me this way? I’m your little brother!”

I had a canvas in one hand and paint in the other, my phone was squashed under my ear. I also got angry and said, “What’s wrong, he’s my man!”

The other side became quite for a few seconds then I heard Xu Wei Yu’s sound, “Haha, brat, admit defeat, take out the money! You’re still too young to fight with me.”



The second day Xiao Di was home, I saw that his QQ signature turned into: “It’s so boring at home! Even more boring than school.””

I immediately ran to his room and pulled his ear saying, “Still boring? Still boring?”

Xiao Di shouted loudly, “Gentle sister is a demon ah!” Then he shouted mom save me!

I replied out of reflex, “Even if you shout your throat out no one will save you!”

I looked up to see Xu Wei Yu standing by the door, he calmly replied, “Who should I save?”

At night I was dragged over to Xu Wei Yu’s house. After he finished taking a shower, he laid on the bed with his collar open and said, “Qing Xi, also say ‘even if you shout your throat out no one will save you’ to me.”



Xiao Di can never stay still at home, not a few days later he shouted that he was going to grow mold and wanted to go out to walk around! Then he dragged me out to go shopping in the big streets.

Xiao Di saw beautiful women wearing stylish clothes walking up and down the road. hHe turned around and looked at me then looked at the beauties then looked at me then he honestly voiced his doubts, “How did Xu Wei Yu start liking my sis?”



One night, I went to watch a movie with Xiao Di and my boyfriend. Xiao Di wanted to watch X, my boyfriend said, “Y is better.” I said, “Then how about Z?” Xiao Di and my boyfriend both agreed.


When Xu Wei Yu was overseas, he played a bit more games.

His character’s name was called: Qing Xi’s man. When I saw it, I deeply froze for a while.

Xiao Di whined to play games with him for a few times as since he couldn’t kill him in reality, he can only be happy in the games!

“However……He has my sister’s name, I can’t kill him but when I look at the “‘s man” at the back my hand is super fucking itchy!” Every time Xiao Di finishes playing, he’ll always wail this line. Finally one day, he couldn’t resist anymore and said, “Xu Wei Yu, are you a man?! Using such a name, change it back for me!

Wei Yu calmly replied, “I am a man, isn’t it clearly written?”

Xiao Di: “Can’t you use a name that’s more normal!?”

Wei Yu: “You think the name ‘Qing Xi’ isn’t normal?”

Xiao Di: “Don’t lie! I never said my sister’s name wasn’t normal! Ah ah, making me so angry, you’re not the normal one! Your whole family isn’t normal!”

Wei Yu turned back and said to me, “Qing Xi, your little brother said that our whole family isn’t normal. I’m now your man, isn’t he also talking about you ah……”

Xiao Di spat blood,”You, you, you…Sis!!!!!!”

My poor little brother who has never been defeated by anyone before always ends up hopping with anger at Xu Wei Yu, he keeps fighting and losing, fighting and losing. I really wanted to tell Xiao Di that he really can’t win against him, Wei Yu is someone who could say “Your hairstyle isn’t bad” to a certain secretary of the city. That leader was bald. Apparently We Yu’s dad had ‘spurt’ out on the spot.


The time Xiao Di was back for flew by very quickly. Near the end, he started to become reluctant to leave, his QQ signature changed to: “Don’t want to leave.”

However even if he didn’t want to go, he still had to go. On the last day, I sent him to the airport. The boy who was already two heads taller than me hugged me until my eyes turned teary and said, “Sis, I’m leaving ah, you have to miss me ah.”

I said, “I will miss you.” Then I said, “When you go over there, don’t copy others in getting tattoos and don’t go clubbing. You’re so young that  clubbing will only make people feel you’re turning old and it won’t improve your tastes at all. If there are good girls then you can go and chase them but don’t get into a bunch of messy boy girl relationships. When your hair grows longer, cut it shorter to let people see your eyes. Work hard in your studies and take care of your body.”

Xiao Di grieved, “You’re even more naggy than mom.”

But, you and I both know that apart from you, I don’t say so much to anyone else.


After Xiao Di went back to school, he phoned over and asked, “Sis, is Xu Wei Yu there?”

I said, “Looking for him? Wait.”

Xiao Di immediately shouted, “Who’s looking for him! I’m first asking if he’s there so I can speak to you.”

I don’t know what these two were up to again, I said, “What’s wrong? He should be in the study right now.”

Hence, Xiao Di immediately said, “Sis, don’t you think that your engagement to him is too early? Also, don’t you think that Xu Wei Yu that person is very sly? If you’re together with him then you’ll definitely suffer in the future!”

I said, “Where is he sly?”

Xiao Di immediately said, “Wait, I’m sending something to show you!”

Then, two minutes later, Xu Wei Yu shouted for me from the study room, “Qing Xi, come in for a minute.”

I went in and suspiciously asked, “What’s wrong?”

Xu Wei Yu smiled and pointed at the computer, on my QQ, Xiao Di had sent over a picture.

“Xiao Di: I’m telling you, don’t think that if you’re together with my sis I’ll call you bro!

Xu Wei Yu: Don’t need to call bro, call me brother in law.

Xiao Di: ……….Shit!

Xu Wei Yu: It’s better to rely on yourself than me.

Xiao Di: I…….Fuck!

Xu Wei Yu: Fuck slowly by yourself.” *
*[Shit 靠(Kao) can also mean rely and Fuck 操(Cao) can also mean exercise]

“Sis, look look, his words are too indecent, too indecent! He’s not a gentleman, definitely not a gentleman! I helped you test it out!”

I thought inside, Xiao Di ah, I’ve also seen more indecent things than this…

Then, I saw Xu Wei Yu send a comment, “I helped you tell your sis, no need to thank me.”


I really don’t know when these two can be a little more harmonious.


Xiao Di told me that he was learning to drive and asked me a question. I said, “The rules and regulations over here are different to over there. ” I remembered that Xu Wei Yu had also learnt driving overseas so I asked Xiao Di, “How about you ask Xu Wei Yu?”

The other side replied a very definite, “NO!”

I couldn’t help laughing and I was also a bit curious, “Why don’t you like him?”

“He also doesn’t like me ah! Sis, you don’t know how venomous Xu Wei Yu that person is! I actually said that if I couldn’t get a scholarship, I should buy a tofu and slam myself to death instead! Does he think that scholarships are so easy to get, it’s easier said than done!

I truthfully said, “He received one every year.”

Xiao Di froze for a bit, “He’s not human!”

Xu Wei Yu was leaning on my shoulder the whole time, he mad an “Ah” sound and said, “Dandy.”

I nudged Xu Wei Yu’s head reminding him, “I’m the dandy’s sister.”

Xiao Di was suspicious on the other end, “Sis, that who who who couldn’t be by your side right?!”


“Xu, you are too lowly! Can you still be counted as a gentleman by eavesdropping?”

Xu Wei Yu held out his hand and received the phone, I was amused and went to the side, only hearing him drawl out, “When did I say that I was a gentleman?”

“Then you are a lowly person?!”

“Ah, higher than you.”

“…You master!”*
*[Means fuck you]

“I recently love hearing this, say it a few more times for master to listen to.”

Xiao Di was probably hopping with anger, I only heard him shouting, “Let my sister come and listen let my sister come and listen! I don’t want to talk to you!”

Why do these two people make me think of…a love hate relationship?



16 thoughts on “Full Of My Love To You Chapter 6

  1. cathdeary

    Hahaha. I bet they dont get well because they both feel that one is stealing her attention from one another. Cute little brother, he has such a sister complex.⊙﹏⊙

    1. Tofubyu Post author

      It’s really funny how the little brother usually gets his way but Xu Wei Yu around, he’s finally met his match haha.

  2. flayfuldesigns

    >>One night, I went to watch a movie with Xiao Di and my boyfriend. Xiao Di wanted to watch X, my boyfriend said, “Y is better.” I said, “Then how about Z?” Xiao Di and my boyfriend both agreed.<<
    Can someone help me understand what X, Y, Z meant in this context? By X, do they mean X-rated (porn) films? Then what's Y and Z???

    1. Tofubyu Post author

      No, usually they substitute random stuff with z y and x eg. She came from X city, she likes to use Y brand etc.etc.

      1. Tofubyu Post author

        No problem, glad to be of help! Sometimes I also ponder over a few lines wondering what the joke is haha.

  3. Ritsuru

    ROFL! This is too hilarious! I’m reading this in the living room and trying to stifle my laughter while my dad is giving me weird looks xD

  4. Alice

    XD hahaha…this story is hilarious. Thank you for translating this.
    She complete his personality, I would go mad if I encountered him, so annoying, but after awhile I can see that he is sweet too. Her brother is spoiled, sis here sis there ^^’, but fortunately there’s XWY. hahaha their fighting would causing me headache in reality, but cute in this story. 😛


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