Full Of My Love To You Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Sweet Talk


Yesterday I was painting with watercolor. I drew a person with several flicks of the brush. I was using a bluish gray color so that person looked rather desolate. I suddenly felt like writing a few words on the side: “You don’t want to see me anymore, then in his lifetime, let you and I die together, in the next life I won’t find you anymore, and it wouldn’t be possible for me to find you again, because I can no longer transmigrate.” After writing it, I felt a bit cold.

Later, when Xu Wei Yu saw these words, he looked at that piece of paper then looked at me for a while and finally said, “Then I’ll go find you.”

…….This person’s dedication is even stronger than mine.


At home, Xu Wei Yu is growing more and more of a child’s temper, I wonder if he’s becoming more and more arrogant outside.

In the morning, he slapped a bloody mosquito and mumbled on the bed, “Even if we’ve had an affair, I still have to destroy you, because I already have a lover.”
Many of my friends often ask Xu Wei Yu economics related questions, to the extent that at the end, they’ll even ask about prices of meat this year and the amount of rainfall next year.

The leader of my dorm during my university days also asked a question once, “Young Master Xu, are you allowed to swim in the Yellow River ah?”

Wei Yu replied, “Are you unable to see?”
*[The Yellow River is too polluted to swim in]

My desk mate from high school who used to be a gentle and quiet girl but is now very lively, asked Wei Yu, “Xu Wei Yu, you’ve been in Germany for so long, you’re probably very familiar with the place right? After I graduate, I want to go out to develop, how’s Germany?”

Wei Yu replied, “If there are no concerns here then it’s good. If there are concerns then it’s no better than prison.”


Xu Wei Yu was playing games and I was outside watching TV. I sometimes went in to the study to get some things and also glanced at him.

Later, he raised his head and looked at me, “Qing Xi, can you not stand beside me?”

I thought, is he discriminating against me? So i asked, “Why?”

He bashfully said, “It’s messing with my morale.”



Xu Wei Yu had lots of knowledge on the ‘economic situation’ so every time there was a classmates reunion, there would always be people asking him, “Wei Yu, where should I buy stock from that is more secure? Then I can live a carefree life and laze around and be idle.”

That time, I had also went to the reunion with Young Master Xu. He pointed at me who was eating fruit and said, “Marry this kind of wife, there is no risk at all.”

I…didn’t eat breakfast that day and my stomach was dying from hunger. I kept eating things however there was only fruit, candy, seeds and drinks, those things with high water content only make you more hungry the more you eat it.

That day I could be considered as eating back all our money.


Xu Wei Yu and a few friends went travelling by car. After everyone met up, the leader said, “Everyone, bring all your essentials, let’s go!”

Xu Wei Yu turned around to look at me and said laughing, “Let’s go, lady essential.”


Chinese Valentine’s Day. Xu Wei Yu sent me a potted plant saying, “Roses only live for a day but this will live for at least a year. Next year I’ll give you another pot, see, our love is always fresh.”

I was a little chilled but also a little touched.

Then, the next day, I saw Xu Wei Yu shaking his head at the pot plant.

“Why are your leaves falling after just one day? If I had known earlier I would’ve bought a cactus!”



Xu Wei Yu got to the topic of my name and his name.

Xu Wei Yu: “Look, I, Wei Yu, after I’m falling, slowly, I accumulate into Qing Xi.”*
*[Wei Yu means light rain and Qing Xi means stream]

I froze a bit then said, “Don’t be vulgar!”

Xu Wei Yu.. “……”

This was one of the rare times he was decent as well as being romantic.



I would often accidentally hurt myself, from when I was small, I pretty much haven’t stopped breaking my arms and feet. A few days ago, I twisted my ankle and it actually injured all the veins on my calf. I went to the hospital to check and that doctor calmly looked me in the eye and said, “Girl, you can really twist ah.”


During this, Young Master Xu had an icy face, he went to get the medicine and pay the fees then came back to get me.

Actually,  I could walk but seeing his face, I could only obediently lie on his back.

When we walked out of the hospital, as expected, the person carrying me started lecturing, “How can you be so careless? You can even twist your ankle when you’re walking, are you a three year old child?……”

I was really tired and my foot also hurt, I lay on his back and said, “Wei Yu, I’m really sleepy.” He froze for a bit and said, “Then you sleep, I’ll continue to talk……”

Xu Wei Yu has said lots of sweet words before but many times, it was his super silly words that touched me.

These few days, I’ve really been unable to walk and I’ve been staying at home to rest. At night, even sleeping is uncomfortable. Xu Wei Yu lay beside me and said, “Do you want me to help you rub it ah?”

I said, “Never mind, it might become worse the more you rub it. Say something to help me shift my attention.”

He thought for a bit before starting, “Once there was a little boy, when he was little, he walked in a S line in front of a little girl. However, the girl only thought that he was showing off.”

Me: “Pfft.”

“Don’t laugh ah, true people true story. It’ll definitely move you.” He continued to talk seriously, “There was a time when the girl had something on at home and had to take leave. During the end of class, the teacher asked, who lives close to so and so? It’s that girl’s house, help bring her homework to her. When that boy heard, he immediately raised his hand and said, let me let me! The whole class laughed, hehe…”

I raised a suspicion, “Isn’t your house and my house one in the south and one in the north?”

Xu Wei Yu stared at me and said, “I’m telling a story.”

“Uh……Oh, what happens next?”

Xu Wei Yu continued to speak, “When that boy arrived at the girl’s house, he knocked on the door and the person who opened the door was her mom. That little boy was super nervous and called, ‘auntie’, saying, ‘I am here to give so and so homework.’ Her mom said the little girl’s grandma was ill and wanted her company so she is currently in the countryside. Her mom asked if he wanted to come in and sit, saying that the little girl should be home soon. The boy was a little hesitant, he wanted to meet her but he was too shy. Finally, he went in and sat in her living room. Her mom poured him some orange juice. He didn’t know if it was coincidence but the ceramic cup her mom gave him had that girl’s name printed on it and it even had a cartoon doll on it so it was the one she used. When the boy realized, he blushed and when he drank some from the cup, his face would turn a bit redder. Soon, that girl came back. She was sent home by her relative and her face was filled with sadness. She didn’t see him, perhaps she saw him but she didn’t care and went up the stairs without saying a word. The little boy stupidly stood there, his eyes were filled with loneliness like…”

I said, “How come I don’t remember?”

“It’ll be strange if you remember!” He had already forgotten that he was telling a story.

I laughed and asked him, “What happened next?”

Xu Wei Yu bitterly said, “Next he went home sad and heartbroken!”

I said, “Just like that?”

He jumped up, “What else do you think? To a pure and white boy, this hurt is already so cruel ah…” He was mainly complaining and wanted comfort.

I felt that my leg hurt even more……


During a friend reunion, a few friends started talking about their most yearned for, most treasured time.

When it was my turn, I said, “The four undergraduate years of university is the hardest to forget.”

My girlfriend: “Wasn’t that just when Young Master Xu wasn’t there?”


Xu Wei Yu who had come for free food: “……”

Girlfriend: “……”

The other boys and girls burst out laughing, “Isn’t Brother Yu too pitiful!”

Xu Wei Yu directly said, “Get out.”

When it was Xu Wei Yu’s turn, he said, “Those few years I was overseas……”

I thought, is he taking revenge?

Wei Yu added on a line, “Were the most uncomfortable.”


To him, from not loving to loving to deeply in love was too natural.



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    1. Tofubyu Post author

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    He’s romantic and cute as always. I somehow always feel bad for him at the end, haha. I love how he can vividly remember their early days. (*^﹏^*)

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    -Xu Wei Yu turned around to look at me and said laughing, “Let’s go, lady essential.”- He was saying like “to me you’re the only who really matters”. So sweet!!! Thank you for this chapter.


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