Full Of My Love To You Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Problems with ownership

Last time when Xu Wei Yu went up north for a business meeting, I went to meet friends. They all brought a family member along, I went alone.

A took out her phone to show us her man’s new car. Little B was reading the news from her Iphone 5 while talking to us. Little C who was cuddled up in her boyfriend’s chest said, “LG, when are you going to buy me a LV?”

I……looked at my outdated phone, quietly drank juice and occasionally replied, the car is beautiful, LV seems very expensive……

Xiao A took the time to ask me, “Qing Xi, where’s your man?

I said he was on a business trip.

Xiao B: “Let me see your phone.”

I handed it over.

Xiao C: “Xi-er ah, change it, it’s the 2009 model.”

I said that I was used to using this type and that it can still be used since it wasn’t broken.

Xiao B made a “Tch” sound at me, “These cellphones ah, are like men, it’s not the problem of being broken or not but the problem of whether or not you’ll seem more reputable when you take it out.”

It so happened that my phone lit up, it was a picture text. This time it was really coincidental, Xu Wei Yu had sent a picture of himself after taking a bath (he usually doesn’t send these), he was pretty much naked, his hair was wet but luckily, he still had a little rationality and wrapped his bottom half with a towel.

That day ABC all expressed that Gu Xi Qing does not have to change ‘phone’ for life!


Afterwards, my girlfriends all had this picture on hand and whoever they saw, they all said, “This is my boyfriend!”

Later, when Xu Wei Yu found about about this, he grieved, “How come I didn’t know I had so many girlfriends.”

I looked at him and laughed, “Now that you know, how do you feel?”

He faintly said, “I like monogamy!”


Xu Wei Yu has a group of very close friends, usually when they went out, they were known as men*.
*[I think the author is referring to the Chinese television series 男人帮 (Men)]

Once, there was an outdoor barbecue and they were allowed to bring a family member. Xu Wei Yu brought me along and we were crowded around as soon as we got there.

Actually, I guess I know all these people since they were all Wei Yu’s classmates and pretty much went to the same school as us.

There was a guy who laughed to me, “Student, you are Young Master Xu’s dream lover since he was small!”

Then, he said a past memory. I had participated in the time but I had already forgotten it.

He said that once I had passed by the corridor outside their classroom and saw Xu Wei Yu sticking some paper. He was sticking it up high and seemed a bit wobbly so I said, “I’ll hold you?”

He turned around and saw that it was me and bashfully said, “You hold me? How could I let you…actually it’s fine.”

But I still held……the chair under his feet.

He froze for a long time and in the end he quiet went back to sticking the papers.

I became silent after hearing it, I had completely forgotten about this.

Xu Wei Yu resisted his laughter. He prodded my back and said, “Deceiving a teenage boy’s feelings.”

“……” Actually I wanted to say, aren’t you thinking too much?


During the barbecue.

In front of me, Xu Wei Yu could be strip dancing and still keep a straight face but outside, he was “calm and cool”. It can’t be said that he was pretending, by nature he was rather quiet.

For instance, when we were grilling chicken wings, he quietly looked at me, “Qing Xi, grill the chicken wings a bit more.”

Okay… After it was grilled and handed over, the Young Master quietly said again, “I want to eat sweetcorn.”

I didn’t mind, he usually likes to pretend to annoy me but the people around us found it strange and said, “Don’t make such a show of affection!”

Xu Wei Yu said, “Is this called showing affection? This is called showing ownership.”

A few of the guys expressed one after the other that Brother Yu is Brother Yu! Completely grasped authority!

Xu Wei Yu glanced at them and said, “I belong to Gu Qing Xi. I only eat what she cooks.”



When people invited Xu Wei Yu out to eat, he pretty much always replied, “I have to ask my wife.”

Then he wandered around the house, picked up the phone and said, “My wife said that recently the food outside isn’t too safe, I have to eat at home.


Somebody asked him, “Wei Yu, does your girlfriend have very strict control on you?”

He replied unhurriedly, “Of course strict, there are so few good men in this day and age, how can she not watch tightly over me?”

“That’s true! If sister in law doesn’t watch firmly over you then perhaps you’d be snatched by another girl.”

Xu Wei Yu stopped and disdainfully said, “Is there a problem with your brain? I must have her watch over me tightly, if she slacks off, I’ll have no sense of security!”


In terms of this thinking, why do I feel…it’s you Young Master Shao who has problems with your thinking?


Pretty much a lot of the times, it’s Xu Wei Yu who’s thinking weirdly by himself.

Once, he laid on bed hugging me and asked me, “Qing Xi, do you love me?”

I said, “Love ah.”

He asked, “How much do you love me?”

I touched his forehead, “Do you have a fever?”

He quietly turned his body around. After a while, he turned back again to hug me and beamed brightly, “Qing Xi, do you think I’m handsome?”

I said, “Handsome ah.”

He immediately asked, “How handsome?”

I don’t know what was wrong with him today so I just said, “Very handsome ah.”

He happily asked, “Then do you like handsome guys?”

I thought about it and said, “Don’t like.”

He quietly turned around. After a while, he turned back again, “Marry a chicken, follow the chicken, marry a dog, follow the dog, Qing Xi, I’ve followed you for so long, no matter what variety it is, you can only lead it along.”


Recently this person is too dull.



16 thoughts on “Full Of My Love To You Chapter 8

  1. Harley

    LOL their interactions are just too adorable! I wonder how he’d be like if there are babies around? Would he adore them like the are the most adorable, brilliant and beautiful babies in the world and spoil them to no end? I hope they’ll have babies soon!

    1. Tofubyu Post author

      OMG cannot imagine what he’d be like around babies!! Would he become really mature and fatherlike or would he start fighting with the baby for Qing Xi’s love and end up sulking even more when she spends all her time with the baby? Somehow I feel like it would be the latter…

  2. Lily

    They are such a cute couple. I really like how devoted he is to her. Do we get to learn more of their back story? When did she decide that he’s the right person for her? Thanks for another dose of sweetness!

    1. Tofubyu Post author

      I think quite a bit about their past was talked about in Chapter 2 and 3 but there might be more little stories about their earlier days in the chapters to come.

      From Chapter 3:
      He said, “Qing Xi, we’re in university, can we date now?”

      I wasn’t some amazing girl, if I really had to say my good points then, just quiet and also kind.

      When I do something, I will always consider many things. I’m also like this with feelings so Xu Wei Yu suffered quite a bit when he started to like me. However, in the beginning, I truly thought that it was just a spur of the moment for him. Since he was small, he’s been walking in front of me showing off so perhaps after a while, he’ll grow bored. I am a type of person that is slow to warm up so I’m a little more cautious towards feelings.

      I asked Xu Wei, “Why do you like me?”

      He said, “Don’t know, I can’t say but you’re just the right one.”

      I said, “Then do you know that I have feelings for you?”

      He said, “I know, but you don’t know.”

      I laughed, feeling like we were both fools.

      Xu Wei Yu has had a crush on Qing Xi since primary but I guess that she didn’t really take him for real but maybe later her heart was swayed by his persistence and determination??

  3. cathdeary

    You updated yesterday at the perfect time, i was like in the worst of mood at the office and then you suddenly updated, took a ‘quick’ glance of the chapter and thats all it took to make me smile. Thats so miraculous! It calmed me down when i feel like throwing everything at my table. Haha.

    He is so adorable, his way of thinking is just so abnormal. Haha.

    1. Tofubyu Post author

      Glad it made you feel better!! I find myself smiling like an idiot or cracking up laughing whenever I’m translating/reading it so I guess this must be the charm of the novel hehe.

  4. luvly3r

    XWY is so different from a lot of the other males from chinese novels…sometimes I get too annoyed with the overly black bellied male leads and the completely helpless, clueless women (makes me want to roll my eyes…) but this is great for a change.

  5. Fuzzey

    Thank You!!!
    Reading the translations really made a great way to end 2014!!
    Looking forward to 2015 and more sweet stuff …… so beautiful…..

  6. inno

    OMG I was grinning like an idiot reading this. Finally I have time to tank on XWY’s sweetness and devotion. Thanks so much. A belated Happy New Year greetings!

  7. lalluch

    When people invited Xu Wei Yu out to eat, he pretty much always replied, “I have to ask my wife.”

    Awwww I don’t know why but this line is just the cutest! Yes, always ask your wife for permission! :))


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