Full Of My Love To You Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: There Is A Girl Called Lan Lan

Lan Lan told her family’s legendary history, “When my dad was seven or eight, he was adopted. The man and woman who adopted him were famous VIPs back then, tch, if you have a bad reincarnation, there’s still this way!”

“After adopting my dad, the woman paid much attention to his education. Regrettably, my dad just wasn’t the type for studying and he spent many years without much promise. In the end, they decided to forget about it, doing business doesn’t need high levels of education. However, before letting him continue the family business, they still needed him to go out and get some experience, no matter what decade it was, there are no pains without gains. Thus, my dad obediently went out to make a living!”

“My dad has raised pigs and raised pearls, he’s partnered with people in raising a chicken farm, fuck, he’s always in the farming industry is he not! But my dad truly did make some achievements. However, in their eyes, he was complete shit! In the end, they said stop raising animals and come back! We’ve already prepared a wife for you! ”

“My dad was shocked, a wife?! There are still arranged marriages in this year and age ah! No, this has to be opposed! But no matter if it was opposed or not, the main thing was that this affected whether the sex he’d get in the next half of his life would be with lights on or off! So my dad immediately rushed back! As soon as he saw that wife, he turned around and said to my grandpa, then this child will completely depend on father’s decisions!”

“Later there was my sister and later there also was me.”

“When I was little, I would fight with my sis, when I was a bit older, I would fight with my dad. During middle school, I was called Hitler, everyday I would through wind and rain with a group of brothers. In the morning when we went to school, we’d put the watermelon knife in a small shop outside school and after school, we’d use the watermelon knife to cut people, my studies and career aren’t compromised! How harmonious ah! However when my dad found out, how he shouted! He carried the television and threw it at me. At the time, I felt that our father daughter fate was finished until  when I later carried the computer and threw it at him which is when I felt that I could still be his daughter.”

“In university, my brotherly relationship with my dad became more and more strong, whatever I wanted he would give me and he gave me a lot. My sister was getting married and there was no one to carry on his family business, ah how worried he was! My sis that scoundrel really ran fast, she married into a rich family and after giving birth to two children, she started living the life I had always yearned for. Now I am miserable ah, after graduating I had to start managing all those stuff, every year I am delegated to go down to the factory lots of times to experience the hardships ah!”

“Last winter, Expert invited me to go to the spas in Japan. At the time I was at the factory soaking with sweat from carrying things, it was just like a sauna so why would I go to the spas for! Now, I have an income of a hundred thousand a month, myself, not the company, pretty awesome right!! But the problem is every month my spending isn’t even a thousand! Everyday when I get home I’m as tired as a dog, when I get too hungry, I’ll get up and eat some bread then sleep like the dead. When the sun rises again the tragedy starts all over again!”

“Speak! Don’t you guys think that it’s better to just go get married than live this kind of life ah!!”

Dorm Leader: Don’t you guys feel that within this long grieving complaint contains traces of flaunting?

Lan Lan: What flaunting ah! You swap with me and see!

Dorm Leader: Sigh, my stress at the bank is also big ah, don’t I always find you to get you to deposit, ahahahahaha!

Lan Lan: My youth are only these few years, why should they be wasted at these increasing figures on my bank card!!

Expert: Youth ah, right now I want to go to Korea to get surgery done, back then I shouldn’t have done it in China!

Dorm Leader: You’re not a celebrity, getting a auger face and fish eyes, in the future don’t say that you know me.

Lan Lan: Ai, currently it looks like Qing Xi is living the best. Her man has the talent and the looks, and most importantly, he’s especially obedient, am I right. Qing Xi’s work is also relaxing ah and she has a harmonious family, am I right.

Dorm Leader: Where’s Qing Xi?

Expert: She couldn’t have gone to sleep again right?

Qing Xi: ……I was thinking, if we were comparing tragedies, there’s really nothing much to compare. There are lots of people who are going through more hardships that you guys. I think you are all full with having nothing better to do, go wash up and sleep.

Lan Lan: ……

Expert: ……

Dorm Leader: Fuck, who are you?!

Qing Xi: Girls shouldn’t say fuck whenever, only men have this ability.

Lan Lan: ……Young Master Xu?

Expert: ^_^

Dorm Leader: ……Xu, Master Xu, aren’t you on a business trip down south? You’re back so fast ahahahaha!

Qing Xi: ……

When I went over, Xu Wei Yu who was in front of the computer hugged me and said, “Fortunately you haven’t been influenced by the company you keep!”

Lan Lan is a girl who is easily irritable and comes to complain to me over anything. For instance: “Ever since that winter when my dad went to take a bath at the bath house and his gold watch in the stolen from the lockers by someone,  he determinedly flew to Hong Kong this year and bought a brighter gold watch to come and zhuangbility*! Every time he goes out, he’d rather wear it on his forehead. Just then, that bastard (her dad) forgot where he put that freaking watch and because he was eating at a high end restaurant, he called me at the company to find it. I couldn’t find it and as a result how he shouted at me ah! In the end, it turns out that when he was sleeping, it fell on on the ground and in the morning when the auntie** was mopping the floor, it was mopped under the bed! After he came back he hugged that watch ah……fuck I had thought that the person who lost it was the illegitimate son he raised outside!”
*[Showing off]
*[Cleaning lady not real auntie]

Me: “……”

I was once ‘invited’ to stay at Lan Lan’s house for a few days.

I can only say that there is still a big difference between rich people and us ordinary folk. Lan Lan lives alone, her parents have their own respective residences and would occasionally go over to give some fatherly and motherly love.

Lan Lan’s residence had two part times who went over every other day to clean. They didn’t have the key so on the day they came to clean, they would start shouting at exactly 6 o’clock for her to open the door: “Miss, come down to open the door oh! Miss, open the door!”

I would always jump up, startled by the noise and chaotically run downstairs to open the door.

In conclusion, while staying at Lan Lan’s house, I wasn’t able to have a good sleep.

When Lan Lan’s father invited us to eat, it would always be in a private room and he would always be embracing a young lady. The first time I saw it, I was not calm!

Lan Lan was very calm, she said, “One gives money, one gives energy, it’s very fair.”

Later, Lan Lan told me that when she was innocent, she also minded it but ever since she knew that even her mom didn’t care, what was the point of her minding. Compared to feeling contempt for the old man, she felt more sympathetic for that young girl. But she saw that those young girls were enjoying themselves so she couldn’t help but believe that in this world, everything that exists always has a certain degree of rationality to it.

Lan Lan: “Even sores have a reason for existing.”

So this weekend when Lan Lan invited me to go stay at her house for two days, I firmly rejected.

Lan Lan: “Sister, letting you come and enjoy feasts, skin pampering and my credit cards, you don’t want all these???  All three are complete at a one stop service ah!”

I said: “Can they be converted into cash. You can just transfer it to me, recently I’m lacking money.”


Lan Lan said, “Where’s your man?”

Me: “These few days, lots of people have asked me, where is my man? Mm, currently I still don’t have use for him.”

Lan Lan gave a leery laugh, “As long as he can be used on the bed then it’s fine.”

Me: “Mm, these two days I’ve been letting him sleep on the floor.”


The first time I met Lan Lan, she really give me the feeling that Hitler came back to earth, her whole body had a murderous energy so in the beginning, for a very long period of time, nobody dared to easily approach her. Actually, it’s quite strange that Lan Lan became close with me. I’m considered to be a slow to warm up type whereas back then, Lan Lan was a cool girl. In theory, it’s very hard for these two types of people to become good friends. Lan Lan later told me that our ill fated relationship started due to me. Gu Qing Xi was the last person to enter the dorm but the first to talk to her, plus I talked in a soft and gentle voice too! Also later on, I often saw her not eating so I would bring her a share when I went back to the dorms. At that time, I had always thought she didn’t have enough money and only later did I learn that she was rich.

These lead to the next few years, when Dorm Leader wanted to organize dorm activities, she would always first tell me, “Qing Xi, let’s go and eat a big feast tonight okay? Go and ask Lan Lan if she wants to go?”

I said, “Why don’t you ask her yourself?”

Dorm Leader: “She considers whatever I ask as farts, you ask her, as long as you ask, she’ll definitely go!”

Or, the Class Monitor will say, “Gu Qing Xi, tell Zhuang Lan Lan about something something……”

I said, “She’s sitting right behind me, why don’t you tell her yourself?”

Class Monitor: “……I’m too scared.”

Me: “……”

Many times during class meetings, the teacher or the class cadres will be in the front talking, after they finished, they’ll distribute some papers or notices or whatever and everyone had to go to the front to get them. Dorm Leader had long fallen asleep, Expert was listening to music and I couldn’t be bothered moving so I patted Lan Lan’s head saying, “Go get it.”

Lan Lan stood up to go collect it and a girl sitting behind stretched forward saying, “Qing Xi, you even dare to order Zhuang Lan Lan about?!”

……Is Lan Lan very scary? I always thought that she was only not good at expressing herself. Of course when I said this to her, unexpectedly, she looked down on me,

Lan Lan: “What the hell ah, (meaning talk nonsense), I just can’t be bothered acknowledging them is all!”

Lan Lan and Dorm Leader’s relationship wasn’t very good at the start. Should I say that their personalities don’t match or that their horoscopes conflict? Dorm Leader is considered as the strong on the outside, weak on the inside type and using Lan Lan’s words, “The noisiest one, she says ‘fuck’ frequently but when running away, she’s definitely the fastest! It’s like during a battle, when we’re rushing forward, she’ll definitely shout ‘charge’ while running in the opposite direction!”

Lan Lan was the opposite of Dorm Leader, as long as you don’t touch on her bottom line, she’ll endure  you but as soon as you touch on it, she’ll hit you straight up and not think of the consequences.

The first time I saw Lan Lan fight was during second year of university. Us few girls went out of school to eat and on the road, there were a few guys walking directly past us and when they saw us, they whistled. At the time, I was eating ice cream so one of the guys said, “does the ice cream taste good?” In a coquettish tone.

We walked on a few meters before realizing that we seemed to have been assailed with obscenities.

Lan Lan turned back, charged at the guy’s back and fiercely kicked him! After that guy fell on the floor, she kicked many times again!

The guys around him haven’t reacted but the guy who got kicked jumped up and started swearing. Lan Lan wanted to continue kicking but Dorm Leader had already grasped her, “Enough, enough!” The guys on the other side also pulled back that guy. They are all considered to have some rationality for not actually fighting!

In the end Lan Lan sneered, “I’ll let you go this time but talk cheaply again and I’ll maim you!”

Very strong.

Lan Lan and Class Monitor.

Class Monitor is……a gentle looking male with an active personality, quite tall and skinny.

He has interest towards Lan Lan but he is too shy to confess so he would often come tell me but I was the type where you say what you want and I’ll think what I want……so after Class Monitor treated me enthusiastically for nearly half a year later, he finally ran with tears in his eyes into Dorm Leader’s embrace. Dorm Leader told him straight up, “Fuck, it’s better to like me than to like Lan Lan!”

Later, apparently Class Monitor went to find Expert. At the time, Expert was only interested in American country musicians, Japanese manga, Chinese erotic novels, Korean books on beauty etc. so Class Monitor once again returned without achieving anything!

I didn’t really pay attention to what happened later. They probably didn’t end up together because Lan Lan still continued to eat with me.

There were a few times where we meet Student Class Monitor “by chance’. He started smiling and waving at us from over fifty meters away. However, Lan Lan liked to walk with her head down so Class Monitor pretty much smiled until his face with still without getting much response. Sometimes, I couldn’t resist and I would smiled at him.

After graduating, there was once when Class Monitor asked me with innuendo in his words on QQ: “How has Zhuang Lan Lan been recently? Is she good? Heh, she definitely has a boyfriend right?”

This time, I seriously said: “Actually, I you truly like her and want to be with her, why don’t you go and confession clearly to her. Lan Lan is a straightforward person and doesn’t like beating around the bush. I also won’t go and tell her how deep your feelings are for her just because you say you may still miss her. I won’t go find out about Lan Lan’s feelings. If she has interest in you or if she doesn’t have interest in you should be up to you to go and ask and grasp. There is only one thing I can tell you, Lan Lan is currently single.” My words were quite harsh but feelings were really just something between two people. Even if lots of people are pulled in tothey act as the middle man, if the two people aren’t right for each other then in the end they aren’t right. It’ll only end up causing awkwardness.

Assuming one has a lover, then I can only hope that love will find a way to come together.

These past few days, I keep thinking about Lan Lan’s matter so I asked Wei Yu, “Do you men all like beating around the bush to talk about things?”

“Not necessarily.” Wei Yu lewdly giggled, “I like to be straightforward.”

I pushed away his bowed down head and said, “When you used to chase after me, weren’t you also quite vague?”

Wei Yu glared, “Vague? My actions were so obvious, so filled with effort…… When we were classmates, every time I walked past you, didn’t I always bump you? When we were put in different classes didn’t I pass you notes every now and then? Where have I been vague? Say, say!” Wei Yu started to hold his chest, aggrieved. Seeing that I wasn’t affected, he covered himself in the blankets and said, “I’ll just go die!”

“……” I can only say, in this world, not one piece of leaf is the same.

A few days later, Lan Lan phoned me and started talking about Class Monitor. I asked what about him? She said, “Different places, different houses, even if there was sincerity, it’s hard.”

When Lan Lan said different houses, she was a bit uncomfortable, she said that with her dad here, there’s no point in even thinking about these things! “I was clear about it a long time ago so I might as well not be in contact with these hopeless things from the start.”


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