A Book Dedicated To Our Youth Chapter 5.2(2)

How did you feel after reading the first part? Are you ready to find out about the second very important thing that happens?!?!?!?

Those on team Zhang Jun, prepare yourselves!!

2. Sadness is also a very complicated matter (2). 


Because Zhang Jun got dumped by a girl, I was very happy, I was extremely happy.

I would occasionally examine myself, was my mind too that I could actually build up my happiness on another person’s pain. But before I really did any soul searching, I realized that my uneasy conscience was completely unnecessary.

One day, when I went to look for Xiao Bo, I discovered he wasn’t there, Wu Zei wasn’t there either. I grabbed a person to ask and found out that they went betting.

I was puzzled, Xiao Bo hasn’t gone betting for a long time, why all of a sudden? Looking at the person’s manner, it was a big bet too.

I hurriedly rushed to the game house. I haven’t been there in a long time and the changes to the place was very big. Brother Li probably bought the store beside it, the wall between the two buildings were knocked down  and it was much bigger now than it was. The game machines also looked more advanced.

I didn’t recognize the person managing the store but he recognized me, he smiled, “Are you looking for Xiao Bo bro? He’s inside playing billiards.”

“Thank you.”

I walked to the yard straight away.

Beside the billiards table stood two entirely different groups. I didn’t see Xiao Bo, at first glance, I saw Zhang Jun. There was a gorgeous girl standing beside him with curly hair that flowed like waves.

The girl held onto his arm as she watched the people play billiards. It seemed like she didn’t understand what was going on and she asked Zhang Jun in a small voice. From time to time Zhang Jun would explain a little.

I stared fixedly at them, I forgot what I was originally here for and only felt some kind of pain in my chest.

Zhang Jun turned his head and looked at me expressionlessly. I dazedly stared at him, unable to understand how he could be like this?!

The girl curiously sized me up then pulled on Zhang Jun’s arm. He turned his head and smiling, planted a kiss on her forehead. He put his arm around her waist and pointed at the billiards table explaining.

I felt tears spinning around in my eyes. I wanted to turn and run but why did I need to escape? Why do I care about him? I don’t care about him! Whether he has a girlfriend or not, how many girlfriends he has, what does it have to do with me? It has nothing to do with me!

Smiling, I forced my tears back in then walked to Brother Li’s side, “Brother Li.”

Brother Li patted my head, “Long time no see, you’ve grown taller again.”

I curled my lip, “Since the last time you saw me, I haven’t grown one centimeter. I have the school’s medical examination reports to prove it, I’m still 163 cm. Why is Xiao Bo suddenly playing billiards again?”

Brother Li said in a seemingly relaxed tone, “It’s nothing, there were some matters I need to resolve with a friend. We haven’t been able to negotiate successfully so we simply decided to use betting to determine who wins and loses.”

Little Six was smiling coldly in a corner. After Xiao Bo finished hitting a ball and stood up, he smiled towards me. I didn’t dare to make a sound to disturb him. I stood by Brother Li’s side and quietly watched him.

Xiao Bo currently occupied a dominant position but the positions of his remaining balls weren’t too good, the opposition’s balls had better positions and were easier to hit into the holes.

I quietly moved to Wu Zei’s side and asked in a low voice, “What are they betting on?”

Wu Zei moved close to my ear, “Across the Water.”

I didn’t understand and looked at him unconvinced, he explained, “Their people were playing chasing the dragon in the place. Brother Li and Little Six discussed it a few times but were unsuccessful so they’re using ‘Across the Water’ as the wager. If we win, they are no longer allowed to play chasing the dragon inside; if they win, Brother Li will give ‘Across the Water’ to them.”

Chasing the dragon was taking drugs. Brother Li’s principle was that drugs were not allowed to be touched, no matter if it was a soft type or hard type. Not only were they not allowed to be touched, they weren’t even allowed to appear on his grounds. This time, he was actually using  ‘Across the Water’ as wager which shows he must’ve been forced by Little Six without a choice.

Brother Li went on regardless but Xiao Bo had a heavy sense of responsibility. For the sake of Brother Li, he couldn’t not accept the bet but if he lost, he would put all the responsibility on his own back.

My fists were full of sweat, I didn’t even dare to look at the billiards table. I closed my eyes and said silently inside, “To all the deities, please let Xiao Bo win. This year and next year, I won’t ask for any more wishes, I only wish for Xiao Bo to win.” I repeated it again and again. Wu Zei was also very nervous, his breathing became heavier and heavier.

I don’t know after how long, I heard everyone’s cheers. I opened my eyes a slit and first looked at Wu Zei. Seeing his face wild with joy, I understood that Xiao Bo won. I immediately rushed over and hugged his arm, jumping and shouting, “Treat me to food, treat me to food, just the I prayed for you and gave all my luck to you.”

Xiao Bo laughed, “Okay, let’s see if there are any bird’s nests. If there are then I’ll treat you to eat bird’s nest.” His laugh was as normal, calm and warm but it was one of the coldest days of the year and the hand that clutched onto mine was unusually boiling hot. Standing beside him, I was amble to see the beads of sweat on the back of his neck.

Brother Li was extremely happy and he smiled at Little Six, “You let me win*, you let me win! Tonight let’s eat together, my treat.”
*[Said politely after a game.]

Little Six had a cold expression, he ignored Brother Li and lead his people out.

I stood beside Xiao Bo and smiled like a blooming flower. I triumphantly looked at Zhang Jun as if redeeming the sudden loss of control on my emotions when I saw him with girlfriend and also as if I was working hard to prove to myself that he wasn’t worth anything and had no influence on my mood.

Zhang Jun held his girlfriend’s hand and walked past me without looking at me at all.

I worked so hard to put on an act yet there was no one watching. I used the same energy to throw a punch but it was aimed at the empty air and didn’t hurt anyone, instead, it put myself in sorry plights.

Brother Li elatedly arranged dinner plans. He asked what Xiao Bo wanted to eat, Xiao Bo lowered his head and asked me what I wanted to eat. Brother Li laughed, “I forgot to ask our lucky Miss Luo Qi Qi first. Qi Qi, what do you want to eat?”

I looked at Brother Li and said, “How could you accept this thing? You clearly know Xiao Bo……”

Brother Li was a bit embarrassed. Xiao Bo clutched the back of my neck, making me bend my body. I hit him back and he bullied me while smiling at Brother Li, “Ask if there are any bird’s nests.”

Brother Li immediately said, “Okay” and called people to go order at the restaurant.



I decided to split this into two halves or else the comments would be filled with disappointment and/or anger. I hoped you guys rejoiced a lot with Qi Qi before reading this!!



13 thoughts on “A Book Dedicated To Our Youth Chapter 5.2(2)

  1. Luna

    Sigh… I also feel sad for Qiqi, such a short time happiness, when she saw Zhang Jun with a new girl. I am sure he only acted affectionally with the girl cause he was aware that Qiqi was looking at them (geeesh… their revenge at each other…., but I am enjoy reading this, I am curious what will happen next).

    The betting made me nervous. Fortunately it turned out well. More ‘intimate’ moment between Xiao Bo and Qiqi, yes!!!

  2. inno

    Although I’m not a Zhang Jun shipper I also share Qi Qi’s pain when her bubble burst. I think Zhang Jun was affected of Qi Qi’s blatant avoidance of him, even if he always had his face deadpan. Between them they have this sort of subtle communication, I suspect this guy really has repressed feelings for her. I loved the lovey-dovey moments between Qi Qi and Xiao Bo, even if their actions were all still on the friendship level.

  3. cathdeary

    Wahhhh, i feel like crying. After thinking that maybe they will finally reconcile, it just ended that way. With the way it ended, i wanna go to a corner and silently sob. T_T

    1. Tofubyu Post author

      I know right!!!!!
      I was basking in Qi Qi’s happiness then I was rereading the part like what!? Did I read wrong!?!?!?!? D:<

      1. cathdeary

        Its killing me Tofubyo, or is it the author’s successful atempt on murdering people’s heart? Ah, we should live with it , we dont have much choice.

      2. Tofubyu Post author

        I can only say that she is just too good at stabbing her readers’ hearts. At this rate, I’m not going to be able to survive to the end ;_;.

  4. diana

    2 chapter just like find a big sale when I go shopping , Wakakakka, gumawo, this chapter make me sad since i’m xiao bo’s side

  5. Rebecca

    Xiao Bo and Qi Qi have a very sweet and innocent affection between them – though I do get the hint that he has deeper feelings for her. With Zhang Jun however – there is definitely some charged energy there. Thanks for the chapter!!


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