Full Of My Love To You Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Premarital day to day life of two blissful idiots.

A rich and varied day.

In the wee hours of the morning, Xu Wei Yu called, just to remind me that tomorrow is Tomb Sweeping day for the hundred million deceased.

In the morning, I slept until 6 when Auntie called to say she had found a mysterious beauty medication and asked me if it was scientific.

When I finally managed to convince her to not try doing things through the side door and hanged up, wanting to catch up on sleep, her excellency, my Mother broke in and said, I heard you were awake, hurry, get up, change clothes and eat.

I ate breakfast drowsily, wanting to go back to sleep.

Xiao Di said that the weather was really good and wanted to go play soccer. He also said that he was unfamiliar with the places and people around here and wanted me to accompany him. Thus, I took him to a high school close to our house and watched as he became close to the people on the field in just three minutes. I wanted to sleep…As I was about to doze off, Xiao Di ran over and said, Sis, they want to ask how old you are.

I…was wearing a jumper and jeans and my hair was disheveled, is this considered old or not old?

Finally, I told Xiao Di that I was going to go first and just as I was walking out of the school, I nearly collided with a stunt motorcycling youth and was scared awake.

When I got home, my cousin who I haven’t contacted for quite a while phoned to find me, he had met some relationship problems. I waited for him for half an hour, listened to him talk for two hours……Lunchtime came, he said, “My dad is currently tomb sweeping, I have to go home.” He looked at the time, “Oh no, I chatted with you for so long, I’ll definitely get a scolding from my dad when I get home!”

I……ate lunch, after lunch, my mother walked into the room with me and waited until after I finished brushing my teeth before laughing, “Daughter, it’s been a long time since we chatted about intimate stuff, let’s chat for a while?”

And so I chatted with mother……So, so sleepy. Finally mother said, “It’s better to give birth to a daughter” and left satisfied. As soon as I fell on the bed, Xu Wei Yu called asking, “Do you miss me?” Me: “I miss my bed.”


I don’t know why I’ve been feeling depressed these past two days. So that day at noon when I went out and saw a police car follow behind me the whole time, I drove to the side to let him go in front but he continued to follow. I couldn’t help but frown, the feeling of having a police car follow you isn’t good. I don’t know why but I very naturally stretched my hand out and pulled the middle finger.

Then, then that car really stopped following, it sped to the front and blocked mine!

After I realized, I was extremely regretful, I should have given a thumbs up, seriously.

The person in the police car stepped out, I also got out of the car and waited for the grievous news. However the other person cheerfully said, “Gu Qing Xi, is it really you ah?!”

That person was tall and strong but I really didn’t recognize him.

He said, “I was in Xu Wei Yu’s class ah!”

……I didn’t recognize him but I had a bad premonition about it.

He said, “I just saw you come out of the bank and felt that you looked familiar so I wanted to get closer to look. At the start I wasn’t sure but in the middle when you raised your middle finger at me, I thought it was definitely someone I knew, or else who would dare to raise their middle finger at us policemen, haha! Right! I heard you’re going to get married to comrade Xu Wei Yu soon ah, congratulations, congratulations!”


Sure enough, that night I received a call from Xu Wei Yu, he laughed very merrily and said, “I heard you raised your middle finger at the police, hahahaha! You’re strong, to that dear friend, even I wouldn’t dare raise my middle finger at him! Hahahaha! I love you too much!”


One day, Xiao Di sent a picture to me and asked me, “Sis, is this wedding dress pretty?”

I said, “Quite pretty ah.”

Xiao Di immediately said, “Then I’ll gift it to you!”

I was unconvinced, “Do you have the money?”

Xiao Di said, “Of course, I’ve saved up for many years now! Sis, let me give it to you, your wedding dress should be given to you by the one who loves you the most!”

Xu Wei Yu stood behind me and coldly said, “Let him go die.”

In the evening, Xu Wei Yu accompanied me to get my hair cut. Actually, I didn’t have the time to get it cut before and it was too long. During the wedding, I needed to get my hair done and it would be quite difficult if it was too long so I set an appointment to get it cut shorter.

The hairstylist asked me, “How do you want it?” I haven’t answered yet when Xu Wei Yu who had been playing games the whole time walked in, raised his head and said, “Cut it shorter, but not too short.”

The hairstylist looked at me then looked at Xu Wei Yu and said, “Then does Miss Gu require any other treatments? Dye hair or hair curling? Dark brown curls are quite popular this year.”

Wei Yu said, “No need. It only needs to be cut shorter.”


Wei Yu said, “Then hurry.” After he finished talking, he sat to the side to continue playing on his phone.


I resisted laughed. As expected, outside he was turning more and more……cold and haughty.

Later when that hairstylist was cutting my hair, he secretly said to me, “Miss Gu, your boyfriend really likes to show off ah.”

I wanted to explain, Xu Wei Yu didn’t like to speak nonsense outside. However I haven’t even spoken when that hair stylist said, “However he’s a lot better than your little brother.”

I thought back to last time when I brought Xiao Di in for a hair cut, as soon as he walked in, he said, “Call out the best hairstylist!” When he was having his hair washed, he said, “I only use xx shampoo.” Before the haircut, he said, “I want xxx (an overseas male star)’s hairstyle!” At the time I told the hairstylist straight up, “Give him a crewcut.”


That holiday, Xiao Di stayed at home for two weeks before going out. I always feel that guys should keep their hair clean and tidy to look good.


Xiao Di would phone me at least once a week to talk about the things happening over there and also complain while he was at it. In the past he complained about how it rained the whole day, how there were no pretty girls (it was an all male school), the canteen food was bad, but now, his main complaint is……Xu Wei Yu.

“Sis, why do you always let Xu Wei Yu use your computer? He finds out about everything I say to you!”

“Actually it’s me using his computer.”

“……Then I’ll buy one for you!”

“I have one.”

“……You’re biased!”


Half an hour after this phone call, Xu Wei Yu received an anonymous email.

“Warning you to not let my sis use your computer again!”

Xu Wei Yu shook his head and said, “This Young Master is really stupid.”



An accident occurred when I was driving home after work today, I had nearly collided with an Audi going in the other direction that turned lanes.

The person came out of the car, it was a big guy who was dressed like a ruffian.

I had a little headache, just then there shouldn’t have been a collision, I didn’t hear a sound but even if we really collided, it wasn’t my fault but I truly didn’t like to talk theories with others, if we started arguing then I’d feel helpless.

The man knocked on my window, looking serious. People who drive those kinds of cars all have a little temper, no matter who is right and who is wrong. I rolled down the window and the man immediately nodded and said, “Sorry ah, I drove on the wrong lane and impatiently turned without looking at the back. Luckily we didn’t collide. Apologies, apologies!”

“……Eh, it’s fine. Then drive your car back and after I drive away, you can turn again.”

“Ok!” The young fellow walked off but he came back again. “Right, do you know how to get to xx garden? I’m not from here so I don’t recognize the way.”

I thought inside, “What a coincidence, that xx garden is right next to the neighborhood I live in. I said, “Do you want to go there?”

“Yes yes.”

I didn’t really want to care too much about other people’s business but I still said, “How about you drive behind me? I’m passing by there.”

He was very grateful and thanked me many times then ran off to quickly turn his car.

Later, that intrepid while Audi followed behind me at a speed of 60 km/hr, I don’t care about speed, safety comes first.

When we arrived at the place, he came down again to thank me.

He grinned, “I’m really thankful to you, I wouldn’t have known how to find this place otherwise.”

“I’m passing by is all.”

I thought inside, you really can’t judge by appearances, just because someone dresses like a ruffian doesn’t mean that they’re not good inside.

However, when I was starting the car, he picked up a phone call, “Fuck you ah, do you think I have lots of time ah! I’m here already, hurry and come out to receive me!”



I went to buy a car with Xu Wei Yu and Xu Wei Yu’s mom- my future mother in law.

Xu Wei Yu’s mother was a teacher, she was very kind and gentle. The first time I met her, she called me daughter, making me be at a loss. Wei Yu joyfully said, “When my mom only saw your picture and not your actual person, she started calling you daughter. She likes you more than me!”

Xu Wei Yu’s mother laughed and said to her son, “Did you just realize that.”

Later, I was on very good terms with my mother in law. My mother said that I should get along with my mother in law but not too intimately. I think that actually, even if you want to get intimate with me, it’s hard to do so. I feel that there’s no need to specially go and get close, being sincere is fine enough.

Speaking back to buying a car, Mother in law asked me which brand is better, I replied, “Regarding fuel consumption and safety, I think German cars are better.”

Mother in law smiled, “German ones ah, then let’s ask Xu Wei Yu?”

I……Mother in law, I really think German cars are better, there’s no other implications.

Wei Yu came over and hugged me, “Mom, Qing Xi always sides with me.”


Mother in law said seriously, “Qing Xi ah, you shouldn’t always take his side, this brat’s ego inflates easily. If he bullies you in the future, you have to tell me, I’ll help you take care of him!” I really heard a hundred percent enthusiasm in these words.

That day, after purchasing the car, we sent mother in law back and also ate there while we were at it.

Xu Wei Yu’s father is a very open and enlightened person. During lunch, Wei Yu leaned over and told me that he wanted to eat beef. I got some beef for him. Later, he said that he wanted to drink the soup. As I stood up, Wei Yu’s father frowned, “Qing Xi, let him get it himself!” Then he said, “In the future if he orders you about, tell me, I’ll help you scold him! This brat thinks too much of himself, it’s downright outrageous if he doesn’t get scolded!”


In the evening when we went back, Wei Yu sat in the front passenger seat laughing with his head lowered. Finally, he couldn’t resist anymore and rubbed my hair, “You’re really likable!”

I said, weren’t you being intentional?

He laughed joyfully, “My mom and dad are all standing on your side, I want some comfort.”

I said, “I’ll give it to you when when we get home.”

He froze then looked out the window with his ears red and said to the scenery, “Is it for real?”

I said, “Mm, when we get back I’ll help you get the bath water ready.”


One night, I stayed over at my parent’s house. Before sleeping, I ate some late night snacks and later when I lay on the bed, Xu Wei Yu rubbed my tummy saying, “There’s a little belly bulge now.”

I said, “Even if a model ate an apple, there will still be a bulge.” Moreover I ate a big bowl of dumplings.

Wei Yu smiled and said, “I don’t have any, come feel it. Master’s figure is skinny.”

I felt it……He was right.

Xu Wei Yu said, “Next to it you can even feel the bones.”

I felt over there, Wei Yu made an “Mm” sound and said, “Then move downwards.”


I rose and patted his head saying, “Do it yourself.”

Wei Yu saw me get off the bed and walked to the door before realizing, he jumped up and shouted, “Where are you going? Get back here!”

I said to go watch television and digest the food.

Wei Yu was bitter, “Then what about me ah? I’m on fire!”

I said, “Extinguish it yourself!”

“It can’t be extinguished.”

As soon as I opened the door, he jumped over and closed it. He leaned on me and said, “You don’t have a conscience! Is there any anyone who makes others suffer like you do?”

He was also to blame, “It was you yourself that what…started suffering right?”

“Anyway you have to take responsibility!”

At this time, my mom shouted outside the door, “What’s wrong you two, what are you making a ruckus of and not sleeping?

I was just about to talk when Xu Wei Yu pressed on my lips, he said, “Nothing, mom, just then Qing Xi got a cramp in her foot, I’m helping her massage it. Mom you should rest early.”

My mom made an “Oh” sound and left.

I was depressed.

When he released his hand, I said, “You actually lied.”

Wei Yu laughed treacherously, “Or else should I tell your mom we were doing it?”


Later, I was in the room flipping through a book. He was smothering in the blankets, “You’re cruel!!”


These past few days, I’ve been staying at my own home. Today Wei Yu came to pick me up to go eat. Finally we had time alone, Wei Yu said, “Finally can feel the thighs and pinch the little face and cuddle.”

I always felt he was a bit vulgar ah.

Then, after he started driving, he reached his hand out to pull my hand……to his face, “Okay, touch now.”

When I think about it, there is a faint sense of violation……

On the road, we passed by a roast duck shop, thus, we got off the car to buy some duck feet for a late night snack.

I was driving the car so Wei Yu got off the car first and walked into the shop. After I parked the car and went in, I heard that boss say, “Sir what would would you like?” Two seconds later, “Little girl what about you?”

I……Lowered my head and saw that I was wearing overalls, I raised my head and saw Young Master Xu in a casual suit (he had just got off work) and became quiet.

At this time, Xu Wei Yu laughed and said to me, “Little girl, what do you want to eat? Brother will buy it for you.”


Afterwards, for a long time, his pet phrase was: “Come, let brother kiss.” “Come, give brother a hug.” “Brother also want……(isn’t full yet, want more rice)” etc. Shameless to death. Later, that pet phrase stopped. It was because once during lunch, I asked my cousin, “Brother do you want more rice?”


My friends are all a little ‘in awe’ towards Xu Wei Yu. For instance if there were people asking them about Gu Qing Xi’s boyfriend’s whatever whatever, they’ll pretty much only say, “Him ah? I don’t dare to say.” “Qing Xi’s boyfriend ah, sigh, I’m also not clear ah, that person is very mysterious.” “Xu Wei Yu? I’m really not familiar with him ah.”

The cause of this was because I was once at odds with Wei Yu. The reason was very small, it was just a disagreement between lovers. When there are disagreements, I don’t like to argue too much over it. If we can’t speak it over at one time, then I’ll choose to leave to think it over and also allow the opposition to think through it. After we thought it through, we can come together to talk about it again. Okay, during this period of time, we did our own things.

So during that time when friends asked, “Where’s your Young Master Xu?”

I would say, “Don’t mention him to me during this period, we’re in a ‘cold war’.

This was the first time my friends met this situation between me and Xu Wei Yu so after their excitement, they ‘shared a bitter hatred of the enemy’ with me and held back any possibility of him finding me (at the time I hadn’t lived together with Wei Yu yet).

So when I was eating with friends and Wei Yu called, they would ‘help’ say, “Who are you?” “I don’t know you!” “Gu Qing Xi is currently talking about things with so and so guy, what’s your name? If you have anything to say, tell me, I’ll help you convey it.”

Apparently Xu Wei Yu said one line, it was more or less, “Don’t let me find out who you guys are or else I will let your wishes come true one by one!”

Later one of the victims felt wronged and said to Xu Wei Yu, “Actually Qing Xi is the chief instigator ah……”

Xu Wei Yu made a “Hmph” sound, “Can internal affairs be the same as foreign affairs?”


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