Full Of My Love To You Chapter 15


Chapter 15: Premarital day to day life where he is very handsome and also very ‘low’.



Xu Wei Yu’s occupation is generally speaking, a soldier. However, it’s the research type.

After my little brother returned to school, all of a sudden my life became quiet (my mom went along too).

In the afternoon, Wei Yu phoned to ask, “What are you doing?”

I said, “Just about to take a nap. How about you?”

Wei Yu: “Holding a meeting.”

I sweated, “And you’re still phoning me?”

He said, “Having a midway break. Chat with me.” Then Wei Yu started talking about how boring meetings were, balabala, finally he said today I took a look at everyone in the meeting, I’m the most handsome!

When I heard the last part, I became completely speechless and said, “You’re at a meeting but you still think about these things?”

He laughed and said, “No, I also think of other things” in a meaningful tone.

“……” I really don’t want to have twisted thoughts.

He wanted to keep talking nonsense but it seemed like there was someone over there calling him, “Young Master Xu, we’re going in. Who are you phoning? Laughing like this!”

“I’m talking with my wife, go aside.” Xu Wei Yu said to me, “Sigh, I’m going in. Today we’re talking about the xx guided missile matter which is xxxx type and xxx type……”

I quickly said, “Aren’t these confidential? You can’t talk about these!”

Wei Yu laughed, “It’s fine, even if I say it you won’t understand.”

This……What kind of person is this ah?


I was looking over our car fines online, there were actually two speeding tickets. The times on both were when I was out travelling.

Wei Yu likes to drive quickly (or else he simply doesn’t drive). It seems like lots of guys have this ‘symptom’, they like to speed but after all, driving fast makes people worry.

Thus, I turned my head and lectured Xu Wei Yu, “You have two fines. Next time if you drive fast again, I’ll be angry.”

Wei Du froze for a bit then spoke sternly, “Next time I definitely won’t get any more fines.”

As a result, the next day, I saw him studying a piece of paper. I went over to take a look, it was from the city’s traffic light department and the secret speed devices!

I said, “Where did you get this?”

Wei Yu laughed, “I got it along with a brother, darling, I promise I won’t get anymore fines in the future.”

This…Isn’t this completely in reverse order?!


This mister has done lots of things in reverse order, for instance, when he drives onto the highway, he never stops the GPS and it reports the entire way: You are speeding, you are speeding……

Me: “Can’t you make it quieter?” My meaning was, stop speeding.

Wei Yu said “Oh” and reached out to close the GPS.



When I go out with Wei Yu, sometimes he would be in military uniform (times when he had just finished a big meeting and came straight over to take me out). Usually under these circumstances, for instance when we are lining up to buy soup for takeaway, people will voluntarily give way. Once , I said to him, “This treatment you’re getting is the same as disabled people.”

He thought about it then pointed at me and said, “You’re discriminating against me!”

“……” Disabled people are the ones I respect the most. Their lives are harder than normal people and their willpower is tougher than any normal person. I said, “I am praising you. You have hands and feet but because of what you’re wearing, people will give way to you.”

Wei Yu said, “Soldiers also have it hard.” Then, Young Master started talking about how much hardships soldiers get in great detail, “Those on the front line are soldiers, soldiers go to the most dangerous places, when there are disasters, soldiers will be there, eating in the wind and sleeping in the dew is common, parting with life forever is also a very possible thing, balabala……”

People standing in line only heard this tall, handsome guy wearing a military uniform chattering away like an auntie.

Actually, I also have great respect for China’s soldiers. It’s just that the person in front of me……I’ve known for too long and am unable to respect at all. I only deeply love him.


I’m not very good with money matters, to put things simply, I’m unable to save money, so I would often be without a single cent on me.

This time, I went out to travel for ten days. When I came back, I had less than 100 USD on me along with even less RMB. In short, I didn’t even have enough money to take a taxi home unless the taxi driver was willing to accept foreign currency.

Thus, I couldn’t help but give Wei Yu a call. He was in his office (Before I left, I told him that I was self reliant). Xu person answered the call and laughed to death when he heard the reason. He said, “See what happens when you don’t bring me along, you can’t get back now, hahahahahaha!”

When he came to pick me up, he was still laughing, “I told you to bring a card but you wouldn’t.”

I was dispirited, “How would I have known Africa’s goods are so expensive.” A straw hat converted to RMB was around 100RMB and in the end, it was blown away by the wind.

Wei Yu stopped me, “You made me spend the Mid-autumn festival alone, you have to compensate me well when you get back!”

I said, “I brought you a specialty.”

He made a “Pft” sound, “Who cares.”

When we got back, that person started going through my suitcase, “Where’s my specialty?”

“Didn’t you say you don’t care?”

Wei Yu, “Everything you buy, I want okay, quickly take it out. Tomorrow I have to take it to the office to flaunt!”


I bought……to be exact, what I took, was a handful of sand. I put it into a small bottle I brought along. Originally I thought that it would be looked down on but it wasn’t, plus, the next day, this Young Master actually took the bottle of sand to his office to flaunt. I really don’t know what he said to the others.


Wei Yu invited me to go and meet his workmates. In the past, I always ‘gracefully refused’ because all along, I felt that I won’t have much interaction with those people in his ‘office’, no matter now or in the future. It was also because we won’t have common topics to talk about. Xu person already said, even if those things are said, I wouldn’t understand.

This time, I agreed because I was forced under the pressure of ‘political affairs’  (going to give wedding invitations). However, I just came back from overseas and I just went back to work and there was a bunch of things to handle so that day I worked until 6 before I left. When I got to the place Wei Yu said, I was already half an hour late.

I opened the door of the room, it was already very noisy inside.

Then, I heard someone say, “Young Master Xu, I hear you talk about how lively, cute and beautiful your wife is all day! This time we can finally see her with our own eyes!”


Someone saw me standing by the door.

Me: “Excuse me, I walked into the wrong room.”


That day in the doom, Wei Yu laughed insanely hugging me and saying, “My wife, is rather shy!” Some of those people called me sister in law, some called me younger brother’s wife and some straight up called me pretty lady, I deserve to feel ashamed.

After we ate, someone saw Xu Wei Yu snatch the shrimps in my bowl and couldn’t resist criticizing him, “Master Xu, you’re too mean. If you want to eat, can’t you get it yourself, why do you need to snatch it from your wife’s bowl ah?”

Wei Yu: “You know shit! She’s allergic to it.”


I was addicted to seafood but as soon as I ate seafood, I would get Erythema and also become itchy.

However, I keep refusing to believe it, when I ate seafood as a child, nothing happened, how come as I grow older, I get all these problems.

So when we go eat, I would order some seafood, wanting to prove that getting Erythema when I eat seafood is only an occasional thing. Every time, Wei Yu would be beside me shaking his head and sighing, “Say, are you stupid or are you stupid or are you stupid ah? Clearly every time you get allergies yet you just have to rush to get punished.”

However, Wei Yu also knew that I have no other desire for great food, I only have an attachment towards seafood. He can’t bear holding me back so he would say, “Eat, I’ll take you to the hospital after.”

However, today he refused to let me eat. I was dispirited. Because there were outsiders around, I couldn’t say much and only said, “Just one, it’s fine.”

Wei Yu: “You can’t, your period is nearly here.”


Is this person completely unafraid of being embarrassed?


When Xu Wei Yu chats with his mates online about H videos, he wouldn’t abstain it from me.

Once, his friend became unemployed and said to him, “Master Xu, do you think I should go and act in a porno? Would I earn lots of money?

Xu Wei Yu calmly replied, “You? Act in a porno? Are you acting as the bed?”


His friend laughed, “Xu Wei Yu, does your Classmate Qing Xi not want you at night? Hahahaha is it especially painful, especially languish, do you jump up and down wanting to bite the bed ah? Hahahaha!”

Wei Yu laughed, “Qing Xi and I roll around the blankets everyday. You who don’t have a girlfriend, only a bed and can only act alone, go off and cool in the corner!” Before the other person replied, Xu Wei Yu closed the computer and stood up, “Qing Xi, let’s go roll around in the blankets.”

“……” Should I say he’s growing more and more of a child’s temper or that he’s becoming more and more of of a hooligan?


I saw Xu Wei Yu chatting online with his friends. The other person probably suffered some kind of blow, he was in a very excited mood.

Guy: “Brother Yu, am I really excitable?”

Wei Yu: “Mhm.”

Guy: “Really SB* ah?”

Wei Yu: “Mhm.”

Guy: “Then what should I do ah ah ah?”

Wei Yu: “2B** continued.”


(2B continued is originally to be continued but because of Xu Wei Yu, it’s completely changed to a new meaning!)

*[SB stands for 傻逼 – Stupid c**t.]

**[2B means stupid]


At night, Wei Yu and I went out to eat noodles, they were a specialty of our town. I’ve been to a lot of places but I’ve never had any that tasted better than the ones here.

There was a long row of storefronts, every store had similar decorations, simple and sincere, the tables and chairs were over ten years old but they were wiped very cleanly.

There were numerous grandpas and grannies who came here to eat. Sitting in the small stores eating while chatting was very noisy but very cozy.

We randomly chose a store and spend five dollars on a big bowl of vegetable and shredded pork soup.

When we were waiting, another young couple came.

As soon as the girl sat down, she took out tissues from her bag and started wiping the table, careful to not touch the edge of the table with her arms. The guy asked what she wanted, she said, “I don’t mind since I won’t eat much.” Then she took out her phone to play. When the guy went to order, she called someone and said, “So annoying, he actually brought me to eat a few dollars worth of noodles……I’ll tell you later, he’s coming, I’m hanging up.”

I poked Wei Yu and asked him, “If I treated you to five dollar noodles, what would you think?”

He raised his head from his phone and said confusedly, “What would I think?” Then, he was in high spirits with sparkling eyes, “Are you going to add more ribs?”

I can only say……He’s very easy to raise ah, as long as he’s fed and occasionally gets a piece of meat then it’s fine!


When people gave Wei Yu a cigarette, he would always say, “I don’t smoke”. (Don’t know how to.)

At a banquet, if people pour him alcohol, he would say, “I’ll drink juice instead, thanks.” (Don’t really know how to drink.)

Thus, someone asked Young Master Xu, “You’re a man but you can’t smoke or drink, what exactly are you good at ah?”

Master Xu calm and tastefully said, “I’m good at lust.”




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