Full Of My Love To You Chapter 16

I know that recently  (more like for a while now haha) my translation posts have become quite erratic but from next week onwards, Full Of My Love To You translations will be posted every Wednesday!! Yay for regularity! My posting times for ‘A Book Dedicated To Our Youth’ will still be a bit random however but hopefully I’ll get that sorted soon!


Chapter 16: ‘My’ private prosecution.

Actually, during childhood, Xu Wei Yu and I didn’t have any special deep feelings for each other, we just occasionally went home together. At that time, the road home wasn’t really that far, outside school, we walked 100 meters then parts ways at the crossroads so there wasn’t much communication between us.

Later on, we were occasionally in the same class, occasionally in the same school but not same class plus in the middle of middle school, we weren’t in the same school.

At that time, I didn’t feel he was special, he was just…closer than other people.

When we got to high school, Wei Yu told me he was going overseas. At the time, I felt a bit sad. However, when I thought about it, what could I say and do? Anyway, if you go then go.

During that moment, I thought I wasn’t very sad, actually, he was more uncomfortable.

I remember that when he left, I didn’t go to send him off and I didn’t see him during that year’s summer vacation either.

After he left.

Once, I dragged my little brother out to sing. I don’t know why but as I sang and sang, I started crying. At the time, I thought, ah, he left. As if a friend who I grew up with left my side just like that.

When we were small, Wei Yu learnt the violin and I learnt to draw. However, my drawings weren’t good and Wei Yu didn’t learn the violin very well either.

However in comparison, his physical ability was even worse, fortunately he had a little musical ability so he still seemed talented.

After this person left, every time he phoned me, he would always charge money to my telephone bill first.

Then, when he called, the first thing he said would be, “I charged up money for you, we can speak slowly.”

Over there, I could feel that he was quite lonely. Over here, I had familiar scenery, roads, friends and family whereas he was in a completely strange environment.

When he said he missed me, I was very touched and very pained.

I thought, sigh, this fool, how painful.

Once, I went to Lan Lan’s house.

Close to Lan Lan’s house was a small town that made violins, a town of violins.

When I went past, I saw lots of stores selling violins which made me really, really miss a little boy.

I remember when he was little, he would carry his violin to music class. When he walked past the window of my art class, he would always raise the bow of his violin to say Qing Xi ah, I’m going la, I’m off to learn violin la.

Thus, Lan Lan and I went into the store. I said, I wanted to buy a violin.

Lan Lan said that we didn’t know how to play so the sound would be awful to listen to and we’d get complaints from the neighbours.

However, I still bought one and I put it at home to look as decoration.

They said, I was very cold to Wei Yu,

But it’s true, at the time, I really missed him.

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence but my family, my little brother and Xu Wei Yu were all overseas.

I lived alone for……seven years. Occasionally, my mother would come to live with me. That time was really lonely. I also didn’t really understand and I would distastefully think, what’s so good about outside, the people I care about were all outside.

Later, the four years of university really made me warm up.

I met a group of very, very good girls who will be my best friends for a lifetime.

Once, I went to the beach with Lan Lan.

We had finished eating dinner at a food stall and went for a walk on the sand. Someone had started a bonfire on the sand and there were a few people crowded around. There was a boy, or I should say, a young man, playing the violin for a girl. The people around them were all shouting, accept him, accept him. It made me really, really miss my violin boy.

Later, he came back and another two years went by, Wei Yu proposed to me and I accepted him.

It feels like we finally finished a very, very long marathon. In the middle it was very tiring but finally, we’ve reached the end.


5 thoughts on “Full Of My Love To You Chapter 16

  1. diana

    Childhood lover always sweet, may I know any second lead man or woman will come out? Yay for ur regular wed ‘s post, sad because “ABDTY” gonna be less , but still tq for ur effort #tofubyu

  2. y

    awesome! and FINALLY we get a confession! Aww… she only seems cold but in reality she actually likes wei yu as much as he likes her.
    Thank you for the translation!


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