Full Of My Love To You Chapter 18

Chapter 17 is 100 questions and answers with Wei Yu and Qing Xi so maybe I’ll post it as a bonus chapter after the book ends.

Plus, is anyone disappointed we don’t get to read about their wedding!?!?

Chapter 18: Married.

After getting married, the first thing we did was count the red bags*. Xu Wei Yu started to count: “1, 2, 3……9, 10, J, Q, K……” I felt something was wrong, then I heard him continue to count, “K, A, B, C, D……O.”
*[Red bag/packets of money are giving at weddings instead of wedding gifts.]

At the end I asked him how many there were. Xu Wei Yu: “Twenty eight ah.”

I was bored so I counted it again myself, the result was actually 28. Should I say that he guessed right or is the structure of his brain just different from normal people?

Later, he counted, “Z, Y, X, W, V……”

The next few times he counted were actually all correct. Xu Wei Yu shot a glance at me, who would recount the red bags he had counted, “It won’t be wrong, with my intelligence, how can 123 and such types of dull counting satisfy me!”

This guy, does he kill lots of people with just one line ah? Including me.


After we came back from our honeymoon, I started to become busy again. I had reports to write and all kinds of other grievances. I said in distress, “I should just die.” Xu Wei Yu heard me and immediately ran over in high spirits, “Darling, do you need my help ah?” I was quiet for a long time, as expected, does love no longer exist after marriage?

I continued to write my reports. He was behind me, lifting small dumbbells, “Darling, look at my muscles.”

I didn’t turn my head, “I’m busy. Can you leave?”

Wei Yu, “Just take a look then I’ll leave.”

I turned around, “Okay, I’ve looked, leave now. Close the door after you, thanks.”

Wei Yu, “Your line of sight didn’t pass across my muscles!”

I looked in detail at his arm, “The problem is you don’t have any ah.”

Xu person finally ran out in tears.

Later, I went out and saw him leaning on the balcony looking afar. I walked over to his back and asked, “Are you in low spirits?”


“Then turn around and let me see you smile.”

He turned around and gave me a smile, I rubbed his small face and said, “Come, your wife will treat you to food.”

Wei Yu: “You’ve finished your report?”


Wei Yu grumbled, “I knew it, I’m always ranked last.”

“If you don’t want to go then forget about it.”

“Go,go, go!”


After dinner, on our way home, we saw a crippled cat. Xu Wei Yu immediately took pity on it and said we didn’t have a pet so we should raise it. I said, “Then you have to take the cat for a checkup first.” Thus, at night, the two of us stupidly wrapped the cat’s wound with a scarf and took it to the vet.

However, the vet said, “This cat is already very old. Plus, it has severe liver disease and won’t live past a few days. He’s actually in quite a lot of pain right now, if you are willing, you should let him die in peace, that would be the best for him.”

Wei Yu started swearing as soon as he heard. That gray cat was purring at us in a low voice on the table. We ended up giving him a shower then Wei Yu carried him home.

It wasn’t very long before the old cat died. Wei Yu was sad for a long time after.

Actually, his emotions are much more delicate than mine.


In the weekend, we went to another city to see an exhibition. Not long after we got off the highway, we got lost. Wei Yu was very ashamed and in the end, he asked a policeman.  Right after we finished asking, another car stopped behind us to ask for the directions. As soon as Wei Yu heard that it was the place we were going to, he didn’t wait for the police to speak. He stretched out his hand with a heroic spirit at the people in the car, “Going to xx ah? Follow brother!”

That tone of voice, that gesture, that expression, it seemed like he was a snake in it’s old hunts here, completely familiar with the place.

Then, after driving out a section, he was lost again.

The car behind us drove up and the driver waved his hand, “I know the rest of the road from here, follow brother!”

After we reached the destination, there were a lot of people and it was hard to find a parking space but we finally managed to find a narrow parking space. Xu Wei Yu’s parking skills weren’t good so I let him get off to park it myself.

The toll staff standing beside him said, “Looks like female comrade’s skills are better.”

Wei Yu arrogantly said, “She went to learn as soon as she was of age, cool right?”

The toll staff asked, “Are you spouses ah?”

Wei Yu: “Just married.”

After I parked, I came down. That person said to me, “This lad is pretty good, live well together.”

Later, I asked Wei Yu what nonsense he said to him.

Wei Yu: “I just told him about how I chased you for so many years and finally, the bitterness ended and the sweetness begins as we got married.”

“How are you able to chat with anyone?”

“I am amiable, easy to approach and open minded.”

We chatted as we entered the exhibition. Wei Yu held my hand and said, “Too many people, don’t get lost.”

We looked at the exhibitions until afternoon when we came out to find a place to eat, the restaurants there were full of people.

Xu Wei Yu is most afraid of eating at noisy places, “Enough, let’s drive somewhere further to eat.”

However, when we walked to our car, we saw a pink piece of A4 paper clipped into the windshield wiper, it said: Happy honeymoon! The people of xx welcome you.

Wei Yu burst on the spot and I was almost in tears, how bored is this toll uncle……and how much love he has ah.



Actually, I didn’t get the joke at the end hahaha.





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  1. diana

    Yeah, I miss the wedding part, is it in the next chapter or the 17 chapter that u will post as bonus? ^^ gratefull, tq for keeping wed post


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