What happens to everyone?

In the prologue, after Qi Qi comes back to China, she only contacts three people from her middle school years (perhaps from high school too since her school is both a middle school and high school). So what happened to all her other friends?

I’ll keep track of all her friends (and classmates) here and it will be updated whenever something happens. Join in the fun and comment your thoughts, theories, questions, anyone/anything I may have missed, anything you want me to add or just whatever below and I’ll add those to this post. (Please mention it if you don’t want your comment added to the post)


Qi Qi took ‘Dream of the Red Chamber’, sat at the edge of the bed and flipped through it.

Claiming the credit, Yuan Yuan asked: “How is it? I’ve preserved your treasures perfectly for you.” She opened the cupboard beneath the bookshelf, “The sealed box that you personally signed is here, I’ve never opened it to look inside.”

Qi Qi silently gazed fixatedly on the box. Yuan Yuan laughed and said: “Have a good rest, after you’ve rested, I’ll take you to eat street snacks. “


Qi Qi took out the box but didn’t open it, only using her finger to gently stroke the signature on the box. The signature was written on the graduating day of her senior year in high school. She was only 17 then.

After all these years, she couldn’t actually remember too clearly what exactly the box contained. She quietly sat for a while, then put the box back into the bookshelf cupboard beside her bed.

After taking a shower, Luo Qi Qi sent Shen Yuan Zhe, Yang Jun and Lin Yi Ran an email. They were the only remaining friends she had from middle school. After going overseas, she lost contact with them and was now unsure if the email would be of any use.


After arriving at the guest house, the sun had already set.
After Luo Qi Qi had taken a shower, she lay on bed, tossing around, unable to sleep.
After coming back to this city, she had been in a trance the entire time and was still faintly excited.
As she wasn’t able to fall asleep, she got up. Standing on the balcony, she looked into the distance at the city’s tiny lights but wasn’t able to see which one of lights was her home.
After all these years have passed, this place still held on to her heart.

Psychologist Dr Sigmund Freud believed that a person’s actions are affected by their childhood influences so all causes  have to be traced to the place where life first started…”

Her only remaining friends: Shen Yuan Zhe, Yuan Jun and Lin Yi Ran.

*The character for Shen can also be Chen and I’ve been using Chen in most of my posts.


Ge Xiao Fei (GONE)
-Qi Qi’s best (and oldest) friend.
-Were in same primary class in Year 2 before Qi Qi transferred.
-Met again in middle school.
-Deeply infatuated with Wang Zheng but started hanging out with the wrong crowd and getting drunk after he rejected her.
-Got gang raped and had an abortion which got revealed and spread like wildfire.
-Secretly left the city and has never been seen again.
Last appeared in: Chapter 7.1

Wang Zheng (GONE)
-Object of Xiao Fei’s deep infatuation however does not recprocate her feelings back.
-Did not get into high school and refused to go to technical school.
-Used to play drums at the dance hall.
-Left for Guangdong to pursue music

Chen Song (GONE)
-Was in middle school class as Qi Qi
-Smartest in the class but due to financial hardships at home, left for technical school so that he could enter the workforce earlier.
-Asked Qi Qi to study hard for her end of year exam (she ended up getting top in the class and thus was divided into a good class for her last year of middle school).

Zhang Jun
-Qi Qi’s current crush
-Were in the same primary class in Year 4
-Became good friends after they joined the maths competition together.
-Qi Qi heard he had a crush on Guan He thus felt hurt and started ignoring him.
-Currently in the same middle school.
-Have not talked since primary.
-Has had 2 girlfriends.
-Is in Little Six’s gang.

Xiao Bo
-Qi Qi’s best friend
-Met when Qi Qi chanced upon Brother Li’s game house.
-Currently in last year of high school.
-Currently…GONE!? MIA in another province.
-Last mentioned in: Chapter 8.1

Brother Li 
-Sees Qi Qi as his little sister
-Is a successful businessman with a game house, karaoke bar and dance hall.

Wu Zei
-Also sees Qi Qi as a little sister
-Likes to tease Qi Qi
-Graduated from technical school and is currently working for Brother Li
-Currently..IN JAIL!?
-Last mentioned in: Chapter 8.1

-Wu Zei’s girlfriend, wants to marry him but his family disapproves of her.

Chen Jin
-Desk mates with Qi Qi during primary
-Child prodigy, left for middle school early.
-Currently in high school.

Guan He
-Transferred to Qi Qi’s class in primary and they are currently in the same class as desk mates.
-Rumoured to have been Zhang Jun’s crush in primary.
-Very beautiful, smart and talented.
-Qi Qi’s ‘rival’ in love and the person she envies/admires the most.

Chen Yuan Zhe
-Met in middle school
-President of student council and class monitor.
-Has younger sister, Chen Yuan Si.
-Currently isn’t very close with Qi Qi.

Li Shen
-Same class during first year of middle school
-Tried to push Qi Qi out of their group

Ni Qing
-Same class during first year of middle school
-Tried to push Qi Qi out of their group

Lin Lan
-Same class during first year of middle school
-Her mother divorced her father for a younger guy.
-Became incredibly close to Qi Qi after this.

Li Shan
Currently class monitor
-Does the blackboard bulletins with Qi Qi and Guan He




10 thoughts on “What happens to everyone?

  1. Hang

    Thank you for listing all the characters. It’s a great help. Are Yuan Jun and Zhang Jun related? At first, I thought they are the same person.

    1. cathdeary

      I doubt they are. The first name on chinese names is the last name. They just have the same first name.

  2. cathdeary

    Thanks for the charater history. Sometimes I wonder in the middle of reading who the heck this person is. The chinese names are just so complicated and hard to memorize, for me at least. So the cool pres will be a valuable friend in the future, im glad. Thrn there will be 2 moe we’re yet to meet.

    1. Tofubyu Post author

      Yeah, it does get confusing especially since some of the names sound so similar so hopefully you can refer back to this if you have any troubles in the future. 🙂
      And I’m also glad!! Yay!! Chen Yuan Zhe ❤

  3. diana

    Tq for refreshing recap the character, 2 more to go, actually early my friend and I thought that zhang jun and yuan jun actually same, tq for enlight us

  4. yy

    so now xiao bo is gone too….. 😦
    i never expected him to leave this way!
    how much more people will leave qi qi??

    1. Tofubyu Post author

      Nooo don’t lose faith!! He might come back again!! Didn’t Brother Li say that he’ll use all his efforts in resolving the problem 😦


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