Full Of My Love To You Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Chapter on travelling.


1. Going out to play with a friend.

It was still back in the high school period. This friend also has an easily irritable personality but she looked cute and well behaved. We took the bus to an attraction sight and on the bus, there were a lot of people so there were a lot of squeezing. My friend’s foot got stepped on by someone so she blurted out, “Who ah, take responsibility!”

We turned our heads and saw that it was a guy.

Friend: “I’ll let you step on me again, just pretend that I didn’t say anything just then.” However that hunk tenderly said, “I can’t bear that.”

My friend was in a mess.

After we got off the bus, that hunk also got off and shouted at my friend, “Beautiful, do you have any contact info?”

Without turning back, my friend raised up the middle finger.

We heard from the back, “1, and then?!”

This time, me and my friend were both speechless.

We started running while laughing and ran til we reached the small hill we were going to climb. We turned back to make sure he didn’t follow, then my friend said, “I was scared to death.”

“He was probably joking.”

“Better be, I don’t like this type, I like your Xu Wei Yu’s type, so scholarly.”

“……” The me who already has a good understanding of that person deeply think that scholarly and Xu Wei Yu are too different.


After we finished playing, we took the bus home. After I got off, I saw Xu Wei Yu sitting beside the flowerbed outside my house, studying a cigarette in his hand.

I walked over, “You smoke?”

He jumped up, “Wow, you scared me! I’m not smoking, before, when I came out of tutoring class, that who who who gave it to me. I was thinking over it is all. Speaking of which, today is Sunday, you’re not going to tutoring and you’re not home either, where did you go to play?”

I told him that I went with who and who to a small town nearby to go mountain climbing.

He gripped the cigarette and said, “You sure are in a leisurely mood ah, I’m dying from being so busy. Later do you want me to take you out to eat dinner? How about rice noodles?”

“I need to go to the countryside tonight.”

“Tch, so annoying, I’m going now.” He threw the crumpled cigarette into the flowerbed and said, “See you at school tomorrow. I’m leaving.”

Then I watched as he walked off slowly.

At the time, we had just been divided into the different streams. Thinking about it, I was about to follow on pretty well.


2. Going on a sightseeing trip with a tour group.

During summer, we went with our friends who were also a married couple on a tour group to the mountains.

On the three hour car ride, they sat at the back talking lovey dovey words at each other the whole time.

Guy: “Hungry? Do you want to eat some snacks? Thirsty? Do you want something to drink? Aiyo, your spot next to the window is too sunny, I’ll help you block the sun, baby. Darling, if you want to sleep, rest on my shoulder.”

Over here, the guy by my side: “So hungry ah, wife, take out some snacks from your bag for me to eat. So thirsty, where did you put the water ah, quickly help me find it. Aiyo, it’s so sunny, wife can you lend me your hat? Darling, I’m sleepy, let me lie for a bit……”

I thought deeply the whole way there, did I fall in love with the wrong person?


After we reached our destination, everyone got off the car one by one. I pushed the head of the person beside me, “We’ve arrived, quickly get up.”

Xu Wei Yu opened his eyes, “I feel so tired, help me up.”

I resolutely left the person and got off the car. He compliantly walked off wearing my hat with ribbons on top. He raised his head and looked at the sky then said, “I feel like I’m going to melt.” I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

We played for two hours then the tour group arranged lunch.

The food was very plain and the rice wasn’t white either. Xu Wei Yu, who has always been picky, said, “The food is terrible, I can’t eat it in so I won’t eat it.” When our friends heard, they said, “Brother, isn’t it because you’re full from all the snacks you had? I saw you eating the whole ride here.”

Wei Yu: “If you’re jealous that my wife feeds me then just say it.”

Male comrade: “This bare little white face*, I strongly look down on you!”
*[Little white face can also mean pretty boy (in negative connotations- boy toy)]

Wei Yu laughed out loud, “A jealous mouth sure is ugly ah.”


At night when we settled into the hotel, our couple friends came to find us to play poker. Thus, the four of us went down to the tea parlour to play cards.

During the game, Wei Yu: “Wife, let me win, let me win.”

Me: “Sorry, we’re enemies.”

Wei Yu: “The money I win will be ours.”

The male comrade said to his wife: “Darling, all of my money belongs to you.”

That wife expressed: “Wait until you have money then speak.”

Male comrade: “……”

Wei Yu: “Aye, beautiful, you’re sharp ah!”

The girl was really cute.

After we came back from our trip, Xu Wei Yu ran over and rubbed against me when he finished his shower, “Outside I didn’t dare do anything but at home, darling, let’s do it, I’m going to die from suffocation.”

I was putting our clothes from the trip into the washing machine, I pushed him away and said, “Stop fooling around.”

“How am I fooling around ah, I’m being serious. Come on baby!” And then he started taking his clothes off resolutely and throwing them on the floor.

Why did I become very angry watching his actions? ……It’s the thoughts of the person responsible for laundry at home.


3.Independent tour with Xu Wei Yu.

When we got to the destination and checked in to the hotel, before we went to sleep, the land line phone rang. Wei Yu casually picked it up and pressed the speaker phone button. A girl’s voice asked, “Do you need any services?”

Wei Yu: “What kind of services?”

Other person: “We have all kinds of services.”

Wei Yu: “Do you send takeaways?”

The other person clearly paused for a bit then said, “You can only order people.”

Wei Yu: “Then forget it, my stomach isn’t very good. If I eat something from the outside I’ll probably start hiccuping and farting straight away.”

The other person hung up.

I was lying on the other side watching TV, I turned and asked him, “If I wasn’t here, would you want to taste it out?”

Wei Yu: “If you weren’t here, I wouldn’t even make jokes. What you think. do you feel like your husband me is becoming better and better at playing jokes?”

“More like better at playing tricks right?”

“Then I won’t use trickery.” He cast a seductive look at me then started taking off his clothes, “Lets use the real gun*?”
*[花枪 (hua qiang) means playing tricks and the second word, 枪 (qiang) means gun -winks-]



When we were outside sightseeing, we saw a small shop selling fruit. The shopkeeper was an old lady with white, curly hair. When we were paying, she asked us, “You guys aren’t natives right?”

Wei Yu was surprised, “How did you know?”

The old lady laughed, “At the start I didn’t know but after I asked and you answered, I now know.”

The old lady was probably very bored running a shop alone so when she caught people, she would play some jokes. Wei Yu admired her, “You should go and interrogate convicts, you’ll definitely get the real scope after two words!”

“Haha, I don’t understand convicts, I only know how to run a store.”

When we left, the old lady started humming a tune. The sound wasn’t loud but it sounded nice, Wei Yu said that it was a melody from Kunqu Opera.

After we walked ten or so metres, Wei Yu said, “After we’re old, lets also go back and live in seclusion in our home town and run a small shop. You love eating fruits, let’s open a fruit store. I’ll raise my head and ask you, ‘Old lady, where are the watermelons ah?’ You’ll reply, ‘Under that box ah old man.’ And then we’ll sing songs and drink tea and watch the sun rise and wait for the sunset and in the end, we’ll walk away hand in hand and wait to meet again in a melon patch* in our next life.”
*[Also means under suspicious circumstances].

“……” He’s definitely got the draft worked out in his mind right?




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