Full Of My Love To You Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Fighting Chapter 


In this world, there are no couples who do not fight. Of course, Wei Yu and I aren’t exceptions to this.

The first time I fought with him was, as I had written about earlier, in high school when we were divided into the arts and science streams. At the time he was very angry and ignored me for many days. He kept a long face and lost his temper on everyone he bumped into.

After he was cold for a few days, I saw him that lunchtime eating in the cafeteria. I thought that being like this was really too uncomfortable and I might as well die and be reincarnated earlier so I told the classmates beside me that I was going over there to eat. A few friends quietly encouraged me, “Actually Qing Xi, your Xu Wei Yu is easy to deal with. You just need to act a little spoilt in front of him and he’ll become obedient for sure. Then, he’ll go on and on about you again.”

Inside, I thought, when he is stubborn, he is undefeatable.

When I went over, he saw me and actually turned his head away from me. I froze inside and I was also a bit angry, it was the first time I stupidly thought, if you want a cold war then let’s have a cold war, when I become cold, I can definitely maintain it longer than you.

I stood there for half a minute then, as I carried my lunch tray away, I heard him shout over, “What leave, sit down!”


I walked a small step and he walked a big stride, in the end we became good again.


The second time we fought was during university, second year.

He came to see me but at that time, I was busy with my level six exams. He said he was coming and I replied with “oh, oh”, I wasn’t able to remember the exact time he was coming, I only remember that he was going to wait until I finished my exams before coming.

The day before my exam was also the day that he came. My cellphone was out of power and I didn’t bother to charge it, my head was filled with studying. That day, he couldn’t find me and he became angry and anxious. Plus, he didn’t know at the time which dorm I was living in.

In the evening, when I came back from the library, I saw that person standing by the water fountain and flower garden with a long face. My heart skipped.

First because it was an accident, I looked for a while before I was sure it was him. Second was because looking at his face, it probably wasn’t a normal angry.

When he saw me, he froze then immediately rushed over and said, “Are you doing this intentionally? Ah, your phone has been off for the whole day! I thought something had happened to you! Oh, that’s not right, how can you possibly get into an accident. Even if I wait to death, you’ll still live on well!” He roughly said this, in the middle, he talked about how his feet were dying for all the standing, in brief, he felt wronged and even more angry.

Whereas my head was buzzing from being shouted at then I had an urge to cry.

Wei Yu immediately frowned and softened his voice, “Gu Qing Xi why are you crying ah? It’s me who wants to cry okay!”

It was the guilt from making him wait so long that made my eyes red.


Whereas today, our fights went like this:

In the morning, I called Xu Wei Yu to come and eat breakfast. After calling him twice with no response, I ran inside the room to asked him. He was wrapped in the blankets and after rolling around, he said, “Why don’t you bring it over.”

I couldn’t resist giving a cold laugh, “Then just stay hungry.”

I would go and look around the traditional Chinese art market pretty much every weekend.

After I came back with some mulberry tree seeds I had bought, I saw Xu Wei Yu in the area’s basketball court playing basketball with some others. In the late autumn day, he was only wearing a singlet.

When he saw me, he ran over and laughed, “I’m hungry.”

I couldn’t resist laughing coldly again, okay, I’ve become someone who laughs coldly, I said, “Then go and lie back in bed, I’ll bring it to you.”

Him: “……”

Lazy people need to receive punishment.


Or else, we’d deliberately make trouble for each other, as follows:

A male friend who I had not seen for a long time came found me to have a chat with. He asked was I married? Did I already have someone? Was he considering me?

After Xu Wei Yu heard, he angrily said, “I want to exterminate him.”

“He was only casually asking.”

Wei Yu: “I’m only casually saying.”

Then, we ate dinner like normal. After dinner, he asked me, “What’s that little brat’s name? Where is he now?”

“I don’t know, I’m not very close with him.”

“You should at least know the name.”

“I think his surname is Yang. Why must you make me remember him so clearly?”




There’s a saying that ‘asking to the end yet being unable to accept the truth’ is a common fault of women.

I said to Xu Wei Yu, “If one day, you betray our marriage, please confess it to me. I’ll beat you up, then we’ll part and never meet again.”

Wei Yu looked at me for a while then said, “If one day you betray our marriage, please confess it to me……I’ll die in front of you and we’ll never meet again.”

Okay, you’re the cruel one.

After he said it, he smugly went back to play on the internet.

When I went into the study to get a book, he said, “I can see you from the screen’s reflection. You’re making faces towards me right, hmph hmph.”

Me: “I only raised a presumption is all, you don’t need to get angry about it right?”

Wei Yu: “I’m not angry, I just don’t feel good about it.” He stressed the words, “Don’t feel good.”

Me: “Then I’ll apologise?”

Wei Yu: “Reply with your flesh!”

I pushed his head to the table.

He laughed, “I won’t do it any more, let go, aiyo , my neck is twisted!”

After I released him, he sat there rubbing his neck. He looked back at me and bitterly said, “If my neck becomes twisted, the one who is going to be embarrassed is you.”


And also:

When I opened a computer files program, a page of highly recommended popped up. The filed rated first was actually divorce papers with more than 600,000 downloads.

I was curious so I downloaded that file and opened it. The first point: the male and female must both consent to the divorce. The second point: handling assets. The third point: dealing with liabilities. Lastly, signatures from both the female and male……So it turns out divorce papers look like this.

After I finished reading, I closed it.

The next day, when I came home from work, Xu Wei Yu was sitting on the sofa in the lounge with a solemn face.

I asked, “Have you eaten yet?”

Wei Yu didn’t reply.

Me: “Why didn’t you answer my phone call just now? If you haven’t eaten yet, I’ll make you dumplings?”

Still no reply.

I could feel that there was something he was in disagreement about so I went over and asked, “What’s wrong?”


“Your tone doesn’t sound so good ah.”

He stood up and asked very seriously, “How long have we been married for?”

“More than half a year.”

“Is there any part of me that you’re unsatisfied with?”

I thought about it. He immediately got angry, “You still need to think?! As expected, you’re unsatisfied!”

I was speechless, “Didn’t you ask?”

“You shouldn’t even need to think about it, hmph!”

“What are you doing?”

“Why did you download the divorce papers?”


“The divorce papers!”

“That……I just downloaded it casually ah.”

“Why did you download it casually?”

“Just to look at it ah.”

“Look at what?!”

“I was curious ah.” I thought about it then added, “You didn’t think that I wanted to get a divorce from you right?”

He froze for a bit then laid down on the sofa, opened the television, grabbed the bag of watermelon seeds from the coffee table and started cracking them……

Why do I really want to hit him?




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