A Book Dedicated To Our Youth Epilogue 1

This epilogue is for Book 1. Remember that there’s still Book 2 to go!

We jump back to the current Qi Qi.

Incomplete Times.

The night before, Luo Qi Qi slept very late so when she woke up, it was already noon.

When she finished her brunch, Luo Qi Qi decided to go to No. 1 to look around.

She called a taxi and arrived at No. 1 in twenty minutes- the school she spent six years of her student life in.

The changes she saw on the way there were great, no matter how hard Luo Qi Qi tried, she wasn’t able to grasp where exactly she was but when the taxi got close to the school, she smiled in joy.

There wasn’t much change in the school, it was still the black iron gates, white plaque, and big words in bronze. On the two sides were flower beds planted with endless roses that can bloom all the way from Spring to Autumn. The only change was probably the trees in front of the school gates that have grown taller and larger. They provided a dense, leafy shade that made people feel shaded as soon as they got off their cars.

A sign was up outside, forbidding outsiders to enter. If they were looking for people, they had to wait at the gates.

Luo Qi Qi smiled and walked in.

The entrance guard stood up, just about to ask her who she was and what business she had. Luo Qi Qi smiled and nodded at him then asked with familiarity, “You haven’t read the newspaper yet today?”

The entrance guard subconsciously replied, “I’ve already finished.”

As he talked, Luo Qi QI was already inside and walking in the direction of the teachers’ offices.

The entrance guard looked at the back of her and noted her appearance, thinking that he must remember her, this female teacher was very polite but he shouldn’t question her like a stranger again. This job wasn’t easy to find, so he can’t offend people so easily.


Luo Qi Qi walked around and went back to the middle school department’s building. She walked around the building then sat on a stone bench by the poplar forest. Across the road was the middle school’s courts with lots of table tennis tables.

Class had just finished. The students rushed out of the classes like water, making noises wherever they went. The originally quiet school grounds became like a different world all in a moment.

In the trees, a few male students were secretly smoking. In the corner of the building, a boy was holding hands with a girl, chatting.

Luo Qi Qi’s lips curved upwards. Ten years before, she was also one of the students amongst these kids.

A few girls were holding ice cream, arguing while eating. The prettiest girl seemed to have the most influence, the rest of the group were all helping her. When they walked past Luo Qi Qi, they all looked at Qi Qi curiously. Luo Qi Qi suddenly really wanted to say to them, stop arguing and get along well. The time you have is much shorter than you think.


Ten minutes later, the class bell rang. All the students rushed back to the building like water again and all the noise disappeared.

There was only the sound of the wind flowing through the leaves.

The table tennis tables were completely empty but she seemed to see a girl wearing a red jacket standing on the table tennis table in he middle, with a white hat, her nose red from the cold.

When she was still in this school, she couldn’t have thought that one day, she would be filled with sentiments for this school……



6 thoughts on “A Book Dedicated To Our Youth Epilogue 1

  1. momomomo01

    Tofubyu, Thank you for this translation! I read all the chapters in one go and can’t stop thinking about this story. It’s so much that we can relate to our own childhood. Thank you for sharing this story with us.


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