Full Of My Love To You Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Their Life.

It was my middle school friend’s wedding. I saw a bunch of old classmates that I almost didn’t remember any more. That day, I brought Wei Yu along (he went to a different middle school). Just as we sat down in the restaurant, someone walked over to greet me, “Are you Gu Qing Xi? I was saying how familiar you looked. I heard you got married?” Xu Wei Yu was beside me, “She got married to me!”

That classmate laughed: “A fine couple, a fine couple.” And then, they asked us, “How about going sitting over there, all us old classmates are there.”

Wei Yu: “But I’m not close any more ah.” I couldn’t help but be sarcastic inside, you were never close before okay?

That classmate said: “Doesn’t matter, we’ll become close after eating a meal, let’s go go go.”

Thus, we changed tables. There was a guy who I remember was very skinny in middle school but was now round, a girl who back in the year was very small who was now tall……I couldn’t help but be a bit awkward, everyone has changed. Who knows how they see me in their eyes.

Watching them made me realise how fast ten years flew by.


After my middle school classmate’s wedding, it was Wei Yu’s high school classmate’s wedding. I said that we probably shouldn’t go. That person moved provinces for work and has now settled down there. Going out of the state just for a meal was too much hassle but Wei Yu said “There are some brothers who are also going over, we’ll carpool. Plus, it’s the weekend so think of it as going for province, Let’s go, let’s go have fun.”

However, the day before we went, that brother injured his hand so I drove. Xu Wei Yu’s speeding ticket had just been settled a while ago but if he got any more points deducted, his license would be revoked so I didn’t dare let him drive on highways. On the drive back, it was originally planned that I would take turns driving with that brother’s wife. However, that girl got too happy and had too much to drink. Hence, I drove back.

Fun? I nearly died of exhaustion that day.

After we got back, I soaked my feet in hot water. Wei Yu came over to wash my feet and said, “Wife, I’m sorry, let me rub your feet.”

I was extremely ticklish, as soon as he touched, my whole body was shaking. I begged him in laughter, “Please, let me go.” And then I wiped my feet with a towel and went to bed.

He went to pour out the water and then came back and said: “I’ll help massage your waist?”

I was scared of him, “Go play yourself, I’m going to bed.”

I woke up after sleeping for a while to discover that the person beside me was massaging my legs, they really felt so much more comfortable.

I said: “You should also go to sleep.”

“It’s still early.”

“Then stop massaging.”

“I’m not tired.”

“Then I’m going to sleep.”



My desk mate from high school gave birth to a girl so in the weekend, I went with Xu Wei Yu to visit.

Wei Yu looked at the baby for ages and asked, “How come she doesn’t look like anyone?”

I dragged him away, “She’s was just born, you can’t tell yet.”

Later, my good friend lay on the bed chatting with me which Xu Wei Yu chatted on the side with the baby’s dad.

The baby’s dad asked: “When are you two going to have a baby?”

Wei Yu: “We don’t want any currently.”

The baby’s dad: “What, it’s not early any more right? You can start considering it now.”

Wei Yu: “Sigh, I feel like a child will become the barrier to……you know……that night life.”

Can this person see what occasion it is?!


During International Woman’s Day, the supermarket’s sanitary pad section was completely packed full. Of course, ninety nine percent were all female but occasionally, there would be a guy squeezed in there to help his lover grab some.

Seeing this from a distance, I decided to give up but my friend refused and shouted, “Seeing how I get it for two weeks at a time, let me go try!” And then she rushed in.

After a long time, she came out, “So hot.”

I saw that her basket was half full with sanitary pads and laughed, “You probably have enough to last half a year.”

My friend laughed, “I’ll give you half. Let’s go, let’s get some fruit and veges and then go back. It’s so unwise to come out today.”

Me: “Xu Wei Yu wants me to help him get some mouth rinse.”

Friend: “He can’t be so lazy that he doesn’t even want to brush his teeth right?”

Me: “He wants to rinse his mouth after eating at work.”

Friend: “I say, you coddle him too much.”

I didn’t understand, “What does a bottle of mouth rinse have with coddling him?”

Friend: “You’re being so attentive. But honestly though, in that period when he chased you in high school, I really didn’t think it would work out.”

I was surprised, this was the first time this friend told me about it, “Why?”

Friend: “When he stood outside the door of our classroom, calling you out to eat, you said that us classmates were going to eat together. He called everyone out just so that you would come along to sing but you said that you couldn’t sing. He asked if you wanted to study together in the weekend but you said that you were used to studying at home. He brought you breakfast but you said that you’ve already eaten……That time, I really thought that he’d throw his hands up and ignore you forever. Truthfully speaking, if I was Xu Wei Yu and you were being this frustrating, I would definitely ignore you.”

Me: “……”

My friend continued: “So I thought all along that you two wouldn’t be able to get together. Plus, later he went overseas so it was even more hopeless. I was even saying to someone that probably ten years later during our class reunion, you’d be bringing your daughter and him his son and you two would say a “hi” then walk past each other.”

Me: “At the time, I didn’t really dare thing about such things, we were too young……”

Friend: “To hell with your too young excuse, that time, there were quite a few people in our class who yeah, I know you don’t care because you didn’t listen to gossip. As for you and Xu Wei Yu being able to be together, its really shattered quite a few people’s glasses.”

Me: “Yeah, we have to thank them for us being able to be together.”

Friend: “Speaking of which, during high school, there were quite a few girls in our class who liked Xu Wei Yu. However, they’re all married now.”

Me: “Oh.”

Friend: “Aren’t you going to ask who?”

Me: “It was easy to like someone in that age, as long as they look good or they’re good at P.E. or they’re good at speaking, or, they sit close to you. Actually, that kind of like is far from ‘love’, at most, it’s admiration. Go as them now, they probably don’t even remember who Xu Wei Yu is.”

“They definitely remember!” My friend laughed loudly, “You have to have confidence in your husband. Last time, I bumped into someone on the street and she said, Xu Wei Yu seems to have married you, sigh, although she wanted to say congratulations, but after having a crush on him for so many years, it was still a bit sad. This woman was pregnant.”



Recently, Dorm Leader resigned from the bank. She decided to go into seclusion for the civil servant exam and vowed to take the exam until she was thirty five.

I asked: “Why until thirty five?”

Answer: “Because after thirty five, you can’t take it any more.” She really wants to fight until the last second.

But for the Dorm Leader who has no learning nor skill and loves pretty men more than she loves her country, she wants to take the civil servant exam?

Lan Lan deeply expressed that every time she thought about Dorm Leader taking the civil exam, she would feel worry for our government and if she passed, she would discredit the government!

How much are these two against each other?!

One day, Dorm Leader phoned me and roared in anger, “It was hard for me to finally like a guy again but as soon as we got close, he wanted me to introduce a girlfriend to him! Am I really that manly? But I didn’t give up and bashfully asked him, what about us two then? He said, I really enjoy your attitude as a single woman! Attitude his sister!”

Dorm Leader: “Qing Xi, how do I go from here!?”

Me: “Didn’t you say you didn’t want to date recently and focus completely on the civil exam?”

Dorm Leader: “Yeah, but the problem is, I am forever talking more than I act. Being a civil servant seems out of reach. After thinking about it, it seems better to find a good man to marry.”

Me: “Then it’s up to you ah.”

“Qing Xi you don’t care about me!” Just as Dorm Leader wanted to be vexatious, Xu Wu Yu took my phone and said, “Enough, we’re going to sleep now, I’m hanging up.” And then he hung up, grumbling to me, “Why is she so annoying?”

Later, after half an hour, Dorm Leader phoned again. I picked up, “Hello?”

“Hello hello?”


“Cough, you guys aren’t doing that ah, luckily I chose the right time to phone.”


Xu Wei Yu who had been nursing a stomach ache all day coldly said, “Blacklist this woman’s phone number!”


Expert went on a blind date. She said she asked the other person if they had a house, had a car and how was their job? The other person asked, “Then how about you say what you have first?”

Expert: “I have eggs.”

Unsurprisingly, the blind date failed.

Expert: “On a blind date, you can judge a person’s appearance in three seconds. When you ask about their finances, whether or not they answer is up to their personality and how much they have is up to their skill. People have different skills but how good or bad your personality is, is a reflection of your quality and you can grasp it yourself. Like this man, as soon as I asked, his expression changed to that of someone owing him. Does he have no confidence or does he think that women are gold diggers? Traditionally speaking, after a woman marries a man, they have to do the house cleaning, give birth to a child and later, they’ll have to work while raising the child and slowly become old. He’ll think she’s become ugly and look for other women but as soon as he’s caught, he’ll say that his stress is too high ah, earning money isn’t easy ah, why don’t you switch and see ah! Heh, then if he needs to give birth, raise a child and work, then wouldn’t this stress make him want to commit suicide?”

Me: “Darling, are you a bit pessimistic lately?”

Expert: “Perhaps. I know that there are happy families, for instance, you and Xu Wei Yu.”

Me: “Over here, raising a child isn’t even worth mentioning.”

Expert: “……”


My childhood friend was doing her PhD overseas and after she completed it, she phoned me once, saying, “If we could start life over again, I want to get leave school and get married after middle school.”

I thought, there’s always wins and losses. Perhaps if you leave school after middle school and get married, you may say to me today, “If we could start life over again, I should’ve studied hard back then.”

No one knows which path is the best right?

So, my friend, no matter what path you choose to take, please walk well. On the path, there will be good scenery and bad ones, when it’s good, please appreciated and when it’s bad, please keep walking leisurely. When you meet different things and people, think of them as enriching your life.





7 thoughts on “Full Of My Love To You Chapter 26

  1. exupery10

    “So, my friend, no matter what path you choose to take, please walk well. On the path, there will be good scenery and bad ones, when it’s good, please appreciated and when it’s bad, please keep walking leisurely. When you meet different things and people, think of them as enriching your life.”

    So true …
    Thanks Tofubyu.

  2. diana

    Tq tofubyu, miss u and your trans so much, the part start from “if we could start life over ” really2 love it, it’s like our daily talk at off……


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