Full Of My Love To You Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Some Memories

Second to last chapter!!! We’re nearly there!

During high school, one night after night revision class, Xu Wei Yu and I were walking innocently along a small road when suddenly, a group of students from another school holding pocket knives said, “Classmate, how about taking out some money for us to spend?”

Xu Wei Yu immediately said, “Run!” then ran off. I was still dazedly standing there looking for money, I really got a fright. I had only heard of street robbery but this was my first time experiencing it.

Xu Wei Yu turned back and saw me still stupidly standing there so he ran back, grabbed my hand and ran away again. I heard them shout after us, “You rascal sure is brave ah, you even dare to run back!”

I held back my laughter, in that kind of situation, I wasn’t brave enough to laugh.

They chased after us for a while until we got to the main road.

I always thought there would be a cruel follow up to this but up to now, when I’m nearly 30, there still hasn’t been a follow up.

Later, I asked Xu Wei Yu about this, “Back then, did you secretly do something? To prevent them from finding us for payback.” Did he secretly give them money? Or called upon a group of people to scare them back? Anyhow, he’d be able to do those things.

Xu Wei Yu replied in earnest, “You’re thinking too much, wasn’t the day after the incident the weekend? You went to cut your hair with your friend and got a short hairstyle whereas I broke my glasses by sleeping on them so I went to get a new pair. Hence, they weren’t able to recognize us……did you know? I heard those idiots went to look for us, ‘a girl with long hair and a boy wearing glasses’, hahahaha let them search to death!”


Once during my first year at high school, there was a small maths test. Maths was a subject I was pretty good at.

After I finished, i saw that there was still half an hour left. It would be too eye catching if I handed it in early, it didn’t suit my style plus I didn’t sleep well the night before so I put my head down to sleep.

Then, five minutes later, I heard someone walking around me.

Xu Wei Yu’s sound: “Go away, go away, there’s no air to breathe.”

“Did she faint again? Brother Yu, hurry up and carry her to the nurse ah.”

“I know, I know.”

“Brother Yu, don’t you first need to do CPR?”

“Let me see, let me see.”

I raised my head, “……”

I was only resting for a bit after finishing earlier ah.


After dividing students into streams in high school, Wei Yu, together with a group of guys in his class, would skip school and go play games. Apparently, they were caught trying to flip back over the wall. The next day, they were made to repent over the school loudspeakers.

When it was Xu Wei Yu’s turn, his sound seemed to carry a smile, “hehe, I’m sorry! I am Xu Wei Yu, yesterday I made a mistake due to my impulsiveness. In the future, I promise to never repeat the same mistake. I will study hard and work hard to learn Marxism-Leninism and Mao Ze Dong’s ideologies. I will learn to build socialism with Chinese characteristics and continuously build on my abilities to serve the people……”

Someone muttered behind him, “Xu Wei Yu you egg, you directly copied my enrolment application!”

Wei Yu: “Stop it! This time, my repentance is deep, I hope the teachers can believe me. Also, to someone in the humanities stream, happy valentines day!”

Someone behind him mocked, “Teacher, someone is officially announcing that they’re dating!”

Wei Yu: “Did I say who? I am wishing the humanities teachers a happy valentines day, of course, to the science teachers too! Okay, who’s next? Hurry up!”


During university, I was chatting on the phone with Xu Wei Yu.

Xu Wei Yu said, “Recently, I’ve been wondering about our future child’s name.”

Me: “Aren’t you thinking too far ahead?”

“No ah, the earlier I get this sorted, the more at ease I will be ah.”

“Then did you think of a name?”

“No ah, that’s why I’m discussing it with you.”

Then, he said in a serious tone, “First, I have to confirm that their last name is Shi. Qing Xi, are you marrying me or making me live off my wife?”





5 thoughts on “Full Of My Love To You Chapter 28

  1. Y

    Then, he said in a serious tone, “First, I have to confirm that their last name is Shi. Qing Xi, are you marrying me or making me live off my wife?
    ( I don’t understand about this) hehe

    Thanks for the translate

    1. Tofubyu Post author

      Usually the child would take the husband’s surname but Wei Yu wants their child to take Qing Xi’s surname but he’s also complaining about it, like, if the child takes your surname then that means you’re the head of the house so am I living off you now instead of the other way round? (Sincd husbands are usually the head) 🙂


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