Full Of My Love To You Chapter 29 [END]

Chapter 29: Happy New Year

Thank you so much to all my readers! To those who have been with me from the start of this novel and to those who have just jumped on board, it’s been a super fun ride with you all!

(Message continued at bottom)


I missed my mother’s call so I called back. Me: “Hello, mom, did you just call?”

Mother: “Mm.”

Me: “Is something the matter?”

Mother: “Nope.”

Me: “Oh.”

Mother: “Is there something the matter with you?”

Me: “There’s nothing too.”

Thus, we both hung up.


During last year’s spring clean*, my mother, grandmother and two of my aunts all came to help.
*[It is a tradition to spring clean the house before Chinese New Year.]

Xu Wei Yu was also busy wiping ornaments that were high up. I heard my mother shout, “Be careful!”

I looked back to see Xu Wei Yu wiping a blue and underglaze porcelain vase that we bought from a stall. It wasn’t expensive but it was quite pretty, and also quite big……I watched as the big vase fell. I thought that Xu Wei Yu would immediately grab that vase but that guy, he tilted to the side and did a half roll in the air……

The vase smashed onto the ground whereas he landed with his back to the shattered pieces in a very natural and unaffected posture.

The four elders stared at this idiot with astonishment.

I was also dazed.

A long time later, my mother started laughing and then my grandma and two aunties also burst into laughter.

That night, Wei Yu hugged me and wailed, “People who have to take military training from time to time are angels with their wings snapped!”


During New Year’s, we went to visit relatives. We went to see a distant relative who we didn’t see often. My parents and Xiao Di went first so when Wei Yu and I got there, everyone was already seated.

Xiao Di waved as soon as he saw me, “Sis, over here!”

Wei Yu went over to greet my parents and then, said to Xiao Di, “Your clothes today sure are stylish huh?”

Xiao Di turned his head ignoring him, and said to me, “Sis,  why’d you come so late?”

Wei Yu: “Traffic.”

Xiao Di looked at me and asked, “Are you coming home tonight?”

Wei Yu: “Of course we’re going home, if we don’t go home, where do we stay?”

Xiao Di finally looked at Wei Yu and then intentionally said, “Oh? You’re also here?”

Wei Yu used a trembling voice to say, “Yeah- I’ve been here for over a thousand years- Finally someone sees me- After you eat, I’ll go home with you-”

Xiao Di’s face turned red.

All our relatives, including the host family, looked over.

Xu Wei Yu smiled, “I’m joking around.”

Everyone laughed, including my stern father.


During New Year’s, I won a thousand dollars playing cards.

Friend A: Qing Xi your luck sure is good ah.

Friend B: I lost so much this year, my luck is all kinds of bad! Speaking of which, Qing Xi, whenever we ask you to come play cards, you always refuse so who are you playing with ah? Winning over a thousand dollars?

Me: Xu Wei Yu ah.

Friend A and B: Shit!

I feel like I have to explain it, his hand is always bad.


During fireworks. Xiao Di was on the balcony and Xu Wei Yu was outside. Xiao Di shouted, “Light the fire ah!”

Xu Wei Yu: “Light what, tell my wife to come out first ah.”

I was standing inside the window, “It’s too cold, you guys play.”

Xiao Di: “My sis thinks it’s cold so she doesn’t want to come out, hurry up and light it, why are you being so slow ah!”

Wei Yu: “You speak so much, why don’t you come down!”

Xiao Di: “I’ll come down!”

Then. Xiao Di ran downstairs. I waited for a long time but didn’t see anything. I was worried that they might’ve started fighting, but as soon as I pushed the door open, I heard a sound and then, the sky was lit up with multi-coloured fireworks.

Downstairs, a guy shouted: “Happy New Year! Wife!”

Happy New Year! Sis!”

Gl u ckiches neues Jahr!”

Nuovo Anno Felice! Sis!”

“What kind of bird language are you speaking ah?”

“Yours is bird language, my classmate taught me this!”

“What kind of classmate ah?”

“He’s Italian!”

“They’re tricking you!”

“You’re tricking me! Looking down on me!”


Me: “……”

In this life, I don’t wish for riches, I just wish that every year will be like today and that every day will be just as happy.


I never thought I’d be able to get to this day, but here I am, with my first completed novel translation!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has supported me through it all! Your comments always make my day and bring a smile to my face. I’ve been worried about getting very critical and harsh comments about my translations (because I don’t edit through them so there are often a whole heap of mistakes) but to my surprise, I’ve been getting so much positivity and support that it’s really made translating (what can often be quite hard, tedious and long) really fun for me!

I’ve disappeared for a while due to real life commitments which don’t give me as much time as I want to translate recently (or for the past few months actually) so thank you for sticking around 🙂

I like the relaxing slice of life of Full Of My Love To You even though there are quite a few times where I don’t get the jokes haha. It’s quite different to the normal novel style which I found refreshing.

I also quite enjoy translating two books at once because it allows me to jump between one and the other and I think it’s been great mixing the often serious tone of A Book Dedicated To Our Youth with the light-hearted fun of Full Of My Love To You. Hence, if time permits, I plan to translate another book alongside A Book Dedicated To Our Youth. I’m currently deciding between two or three books (and I’d really like to slowly get across to translating all of them) so I might make a separate post soon just to hear your thoughts!

Have an amazing day full of love! ❤

Tofubyu ❤




27 thoughts on “Full Of My Love To You Chapter 29 [END]

  1. Harley

    Thank you so much Tofubyu! Even though I didn’t get some of the jokes, the domestic scenes of a family and a couple are just too lovely! I love it! Thank you again, you presence and translations make Chinese romance novel translation world a more colourful place! ^^

    1. Tofubyu Post author

      Thank you! Although it’s not just you, I also found some of the jokes quite confusing haha. But next time I’m going to ask someone who understands to explain it to me before I translate so I get the joke fully myself 🙂

  2. Julie

    Thank you Tofubyu for all the hard you have done. Even though your real life commitment took you away from translating regularly but I still enjoyed it. Most of the times I don’t get this novel at all not sure when should I laugh or scratch my head over the jokes nonetheless thanks for your hard work. 🙂

  3. Yellow

    Wow…it Is finished! Thank you so much for the wonderful story!
    I am going to miss this funny couple…it is sweet and nice with no angst or drama…
    Thank you so much tofubyu for your hard work and effort in translating this even though u were busy! Can’t wait for your next translation project! 🙂

  4. diana

    MegaMillion, zillion, ultra thanks to tofubyu, Tq for working so hard between translating and real life duty. Tq for introducing us a sweet en fun novel called “full of my love for you “, tq for still keep update en translate, ur blog is playing a big role in our happiness #banzai #gbu #lovelove #tofubyu

  5. yadane

    Thank you for translating this novel!!! All the characters interactions with each other are just too hilarious.

  6. Kenna

    Thank you for translating this novel! I’ve read many other ones that were angsty or full of drama, so this one was very refreshing and full of real life stories! Would you also be translating Chapter 17 of Full of my Love to You?

  7. sutekii

    Congratulations on completing your first translation project! I have disappeared for a good 9 months and now have returned.

    Thank you for sharing this novel with us, it was delightful and funny. Love the interactions between the characters.

  8. Nyxhus

    Thank you so much for taking the time to translate this delightful story ^^! I hope you’re doing okay in the real world too :3

  9. Isah Han

    Hi! I binge read this ina day and I just wanna thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us! 💕💕💕
    Where can i order one Xu Wei Yu?! I need to find a boyfriend like this! 💗


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