Hi there!

This blog is mostly my little place to rant about my love of dramas, C-novels and some other random things.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this blog but I’m currently having lots of fun on it!!

I don’t always have the time to edit some of my longer posts (translations) at the time it’s published (I do try to go back and edit when I have time though) so please understand if some parts don’t make any sense!! I don’t mind if you point out any mistakes I’ve made but please refrain from any negative complaints and keep this a positive space 😀

Also, what makes me enjoy this the most is that I get to interact with lots of awesome people!!! So please leave a comment on my posts! It’s really encouraging and makes me super happy hehe 😀 😀

Come join me on this adventure as I sail, one post at a time \(*_*)/

Welcome abroad,

Tofubyu ★


P.S. You can contact/ chase after me with pitchforks and chainsaws for late translations at


8 thoughts on “Tofubyu★

  1. elyseksommer

    Hi tofubyu, thank you for stopping by my teenage bloggers circle forum! I really like your blog, what struck me the most was your username. I am a huge fan of tofu! Nice to meet you and I hope be can become great blog friends!


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