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A Book Dedicated To Our Youth Chapter 10.1

Chapter 10: Those Bright Colors

1. Simple Life

The genesis of a person’s personality can be chased back to the family they were born and raised in. In this world, there are only bad families, not bad children.

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A Book Dedicated To Our Youth Chapter 9.3 (1)

Chapter 9.3: Becoming famous once again (Part One)

Without single steps, a journey of a thousand miles cannot be achieved, without small streams, an ocean cannot be formed. 
Everyone wants to ‘achieve a thousand miles and become an ocean’. However, when the steps and the small streams become something to accomplish 365 days a year and turn into a dull repeat, all the aspirations and ideals become a joke. 
You can only rely on willpower and daily perseverance, but, does perseverance mean that you definitely will succeed? 
Not necessarily, but without perseverance, you definitely won’t succeed. 

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A Book Dedicated To Our Youth Chapter 9.2

To those of you thinking that I have given up on translations and have disappeared off into the abyss of the internet world, nope, I’m still here!

The last few months have been quite busy for me! I was in China for over a month and sadly, WordPress didn’t work(load) very well there 😦

I’ve also moved countries for the short term! It was quite a rushed and last moment decision (yet such a big one!) but I’ve managed to somewhat find my footing for now so translations will continue! Yay! It’s been a crazy ride but one that I would love to share with you guys sometime. 🙂

Hope you guys have a great rest of the week!


2.  Dodging Conflict

Not all memories are beautiful and not all people are worth being remembered.
The river of time is endless and most of the people and things will be swept away mercilessly.
However, everything related to the sediment of youth will always form a sediment to the bottom of the river, becoming beautiful memories that won’t wear away.
What is unforgettable to us may not be the people of things, but the dreams and emotions that passed.

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A Book Dedicated To Our Youth Chapter 9.1

Chapter 9: A Brand New Simple Life

1. The Start of First Year*
*[First year of high school]

In the past, my favourite movie star was Brad Pitt. It had nothing to do with his acting skills, it was only because of his handsome face, perfect body and an unrestrained personality that bewitched me. 
Nowadays, my favourite movie star is Kate Winston. It has nothing to do with her acting skills, it was only because in the show business circle that went crazy for beauty, she still admitted that she had flab on her belly and and that her breasts sagged due to breastfeeding.
She loved her imperfect self with confidence.
How to love yourself with confidence is a question even more profound than how to love someone else. 

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